Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Happy trails to you BloggerImage BloggerImageMy fall view from my porch BloggerImageIt's a two dog lap kinda day.  Brrrrrr BloggerImage BloggerImage BloggerImageI have been organizing my doll room.  I have been busy adding to my Etsy shop ( grammypetals).  Most of these are keepers. I am realizing I have a big inventory not even counting these.  Trust me , my collection is very tiny compared to the other doll club members.  Did I mention they voted me in as secretary.  We have doll auctions this week.  I going but will be sitting on my hands.
Tonight is Trick or Treat at the mall.  Since my church is The Church in the Mall I will be handing out popcorn and cotton candy.
Oh this is my laundryman. He picked out the new washer and dryer and has been on fire since.  No complaints here.
So happy trails to you...........


Anonymous said...

looks like heaven to me lol,,, it must be wonderful to belong to a club like that,,sounds like a great time at the Mall too!!!

Betsy said...

Sweet baby dolls. It kind of reminds me of my yarn closet. Full of things that I love!

Susie said...

Madam Secretary...:):) Hi Debby, Wow you have a great view from your porch. I like your little dolls..I would have played with them all as a kid. Oh I can just imagine some those collections. Hope you are doing well and all the children also. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

NanaDiana said...

Love your view and I am so glad that you love your dolls. I used to have a pretty good collection but have given them away over the years. Nothing like some people but just a nice little collection. I do have a doll from my childhood that I dearly love and won't part with.
Hope you have a good week- xo Diana