Wednesday, July 13, 2016

These girls.......

 K. Bug, Goose and Mabel.  We took them to see Pets Unleashed.  what fun we had.
Here are three of my granddaughters.  Soon there will be 5 granddaughters.  E. lives in Colorado and the new baby will be here on August 1.  I can't believe that it is soon to happen.  I think they are getting prepared.  I am excited but worried as well.  It is different this time for sure.  My son is very excited to be a dad but not sure he has any idea what all is going to change. 
I almost edited out the dish but left it in the picture to tell you a story.  Our cable keeps getting messed up and sticks on channels.  So I called support.  Must have been in India again.  Why can't we give these jobs to people in our country.  Moving on, it took awhile for him to get the cable fixed.  I had to reboot and wait and wait.  All of a sudden the guy I was talking to started blarring out in song in his language.  I thought , "What the heck."  Then  you could hear him talking to others in that same language.  I put the speaker phone on.  My husband looked at me and started laughing.   The guy would put me on hold and other times I think he was on hold.  He was really nice and he did fix the TV and offered entertainment as well.  I usually have no patience for these  kind of calls.
So why the dish.  We have cable and that dish needs to be pitched.  I guess they don't come back for them when new people move in and aren't using their services.
I am at a loss for words about al the things happening in our country right now.  I am praying that the Republican Convention is peaceful. That is a big concern of mine for multiple reasons.
Hugs to all.


Betsy said...

Great picture! I love pictures of grandkids. There is an extra happiness in them, (at least in my eyes!). I laughed out loud at your cable story. I just got off of the phone with Sirius radio and had the same kind of conversation, minus the entertainment. I had a very hard time understanding the gentleman on the other end. He ended up transferring me because he couldn't help me and wouldn't you know? The new guy sounded exactly the same! I have the same fears for our country. I'm praying for a peaceful election process.

Miss Merry said...

Gorgeous Girlies!! I bet your outing was great fun. I was just blessed with my 2nd granddaughter and can't wait until they are both old enough for a "just girls" outing.

It is a scary world we are living in. As I am writing we are just hearing of another tragedy in France.

We were all so proud of Cleveland with our NBA win and celebration. Pray all the conventions go well for both candidates and parties, as well as the cities in which they are held.

Edna B said...

Your granddaughters are beautiful. It's exciting waiting for a new baby to arrive. As for the news, it is very scary. I think our government needs to step up and do something positive to help eradicate terrorism. As for the political convention, the government should have stepped in to stop all the rioting and hate mongering. We the people have the right to vote for the person/s of our own choice.

You were lucky to have entertainment while being on hold. I did not have the pleasure. I agree though, why can't people in this country have these jobs?

Enjoy your new granddaughter. You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.

genie said...

More are so lucky. I would love to have some more. The sad part is they are all drown but Eloise and Ridge;s boys out in Seattle, and they are growing up way too fast. are you still doing your crafting and your little swaps. If you ever decide to do another one let me know and I will participate. All I do these days is nurse my back and do my artwork. It has been a lifesaver. That is why I am pretty much using my Buttons blog. Did you motive I did away with the Mary Engelbreit theme and totally changed it all? A girl online designed it for me and I really like it. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Take care and keep in touch. genie

Jen Kershner said...

5 granddaughters! What a blessing! I only say the only thing better than 2 daughters is 3! I can't imagine 5 running around!

Rebeckah Leatherman said...

These girls are so darling! CONGRATULATIONS on your new baby. I know your grandchildren bring you great joy!