Sunday, May 22, 2016

My little people

Our oldest granddaughter on the right with one of her best friends and her little cousin.  This was taken at the friend's big sister's graduation party yesterday.  I was her pre-school teacher when she was 1 1/2.  We have since been good friends with their family.  I love how my grandkids are friends with my friends.  Our granddaughter is older than her friend.  A little height difference.

Her is Mabel on the left.  She is growing up.  Her BBF is in the pink leggings.  Their mommy's and daddy's have been friends since middle school.  Now the little girl on the left is Goose's best friend.  That's Mabel's cousin.  Small world.  I am looking for a picture to post of  Goose.

The cutie second from the right is our oldest grandson.  The boy to his right is his BFF and brother to Mabel's BFF.

Here are my Colorado kids enjoying a weekend in Estes Park.
These were all from this week-end.  I will have to add Goose later.  We got a really cute picture of her and M. at the fourth grade music program.

I have to get an I phone  to make this easier.


Miss Merry said...

I love your pictures! And the circle of friendship! Grandchildren make life worth living, don't they. I am in the same quandry about an I phone. My daughter got the new Samsung and the pictures are so much better than my digital camera. I just hate the cost of the upgrade. I need a new car too and with all the grandchildren, I really need a new van. And the costs are more than I paid for my house! Can't wait to see an updated photo of Miss Goose.

Susie said...

Debby, I love seeing all your little ones. I know you have unending love for them. Aren't they growing so very fast? I miss my grands, they are almost grown. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Debby@Just Breathe said...

You are so blessed and I couldn't be happier for you. Such good looking grandchildren!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

All those smiling happiness-inducing :)

E said...

Such sweet little faces, what a blessing ! Did I see bad news about Izzy? Hope all is well XO E

genie said...

You always post the sweetest pictures of your children and the ones you have kept thru the years. Did you get my email???? I hope you are ok. Am back in bed...yuck! ELOISE and family are coming on Friday...WOOHOO. I can't wait. I have gotten her started on watercolors so we will be painting. Hope to get some of her things to post. She has so much it from her Gene's dad. He was a landscape architect and artist. Mattie is an artist, too. Me....I just draw primitive children letting my inner child play around for a bit.

vivian said...

such cutie pies all of them! I plan on seeing all of mine this weekend. gotta get their pool cleaned out and filled! looking forward to summery days with my pies!
have a fun weekend!

Patti said...

Such happiness and love seen in these darling pictures. I am greatly missing my grands right now - and seriously talking about moving to Colorado. Blessings!

genie said...

Debby...Thanks for the sweet comment. It has been hard, but I am in Richmond with Eloise and family and then Ridgie flew in from Seattle for the weekend. Its been lots of silly silly fun. Am feeling better which is a good thing. Tomorrow they start ripping up the kitchen floor to see why there wood bows up in summer and goes back down in winter. Then we will have to put in a new floor. UGH! It never ends. Hugs....genie