Friday, May 20, 2016

Let's talk about bathroom monkey business

Hello my friends.  I have been a little absent lately.  Just busy like everyone else.  Sometimes I think I will just stop posting.  Comments have dropped lately.  I still see several read just don't comment.
I am afraid my posts are boring.  I still can't add a picture from my mini iPad.  Grrrrr.  It just freezes.  So I have to take a photo with my camera and download to the dinosaur of a laptop or post a bad picture from the Kindle.  Grrr to both.  The pictures I want to share are from the mini.

Okay the subject BATHROOMs
Sorry to my friends in NC.  I can't visit you as travel from to Ohio to N.C. Has been banned.  Now, just how are they going to monitor this?
I have a couple of bathroom stories for you.   When Doodle and K Bug were about 6 hubby and I took them to the movies.  Of course as we all know, little girls always have to potty.  So I took them in and they did their thing.  When we went to wash our hands, yes, I went too, I noticed urinals.  Hmmmm.  When we were finishing a man walked in and was laughing.  Outside the open bathroom my husband was pretty much mortified trying to tell me we were in the mens' bathroom.  The girls  had no clue.  I thought it was funny.  Well looking back, why didn't he come in the bathroom???  Maybe because girls (we girls) were in there.
ANOTHER story....... When I was mayor of ClownTown which is was three day event,  we always had an outside top clown be the dean.  My dean was a teacher from out of town.  He got there late and was getting into costume in the men's' bathroom.  Another open bathroom concept in a college.  I needed to go over things with him before we started.  So I just went in the bathroom to talk to him.  He was right by the door facing the mirrors.  I seriously never gave it a thought.  I happened to glance over and saw some legs under a stall.  Then I realized where I was.  Yep I did it again.
I will admit to using the men's while at Country Living Fair to avoid the line for the woman's.  Hah, several of us did.  Imagine the faces when a guy would walk up and see the line of girls.  They always got to cut in.
Why is the current BATHROOM  situation such a big deal.  I have some ideas.  Make them all a one person toilet with unisex on the door.  But please men, put down the lid.
Another idea go before you leave home.  You could always wear Depends.  Might be messy.

Those are funny stories but these AREN'T.
Once when traveling alone with my youngest.  The unpredictable one.  He headed for the bathrooms. But he headed for the men's showers.  I had to follow him to get him out.  I did see a fully clothed man an apologized.  This was at a truck stop.  I was in a hurry to get home because Hubby had been hospitalized.
Another OH SO NOT funny....
My son was in second grade and was not allowed to use the boys bathroom.  Why you ask, because since he was adopted he might have been abused.

Hey at my age  when you gotta gotta you gotta go.  Just saying.........


Miss Merry said...

Your stories are hilarious (except the last one about your son). I think people have too much time to think. I have walked into men's rooms by mistake and on purpose. When I was 17, I was at a concert and the women's line went around the building while the guys were going in and out. A group of us decided to storm the men's room. It was hilarious -the guys all ran out the other door!

I have grandchildren. Do I sent boy's into the men's room unsupervised? I think not! What about dad's with young daughters? What about traveling with elderly parents of the opposite sex? What about a teenage disabled child or sibling of the opposite sex?

I have a great idea too. Shut and lock the stall door and mind your own business!

The story about your adopted son breaks my heart. How cruel.

Betsy said...

The comments on my blog are down too. I think other social media might be why, but I'm not sure. I do hope you don't stop blogging though. I just keep blogging anyway because I've made some wonderful friends this way.

Sue said...

I don't think I ever knew you had problems finding the ladies room! ha ha I'll be especially careful next time we are together!

Susie said...

Hi Debby, Hey when I have to go to the bathroom...I do not want to show anything and I sure as heck don't want to see anything. I would never let kids go unattended not ever. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

At Home in English Valley said...

Loved your bathroom hi jinx. Never a dull moment, LOL I've been posting once a week due to my computer being run by squirrels. When it's so much trouble just to post a photo, I got discouraged too. Hubby just did a upgrade for me so I hope to be posting more often. Thank you so much for faithfully visiting. Have a beautiful weekend. Your pal, Penny

Kathy said...

My blog comments have been down too. I think people are just busy. But it's OK. I blog as sort of a journal for myself. Lots of times I will read back over my posts just to remember something.

I have my own ideas about the bathroom situation, but I will keep them to myself. We are all allowed to have our opinion. The only time I have been in a Men's Room is to scrub the toilets, sinks and floor. I enjoyed reading your stories. They gave me a chuckle.

Consider It All Joy said...

It ironic, but several years ago, I accidently walked into the men's room at Target - Yep! Once I realized, I turned around and hurried out only to be bumped into by a teenaged boy! He looked at me and said: Hey, did you just go into the 'dudes' room? Umm, who me? No, as I quickly ran to the ladies room and hid! I love silly stories that are so innocent!! Be sure to stop by and enter my blog give away! Blessings, Cindy xo

Vintage Bounty said...

I just came upon your blog 3 days ago, and I haven't stopped reading it. I can't believe the timing! I recently started a vintage website and blog, and I just love to read other blogs like yours that are so inspiring.
First off, let me tell you that your uplifting attitude shows in every one of your posts. I have been struggling with some sad stuff in my life recently, and when I started reading your blog, I noticed something change in my heart. I started to feel better. As I eagerly read EVERY SINGLE POST that you have there, I not only felt better, I wanted to BE better. I thank you for that. I can see that it's time for me to get busy and clear my heart and soul of sadness, and get back to the business of living. I love the way that you continue to experience joy in your life every day. Whether its enjoying whatever holiday season is coming, spending loving moments with the children in your life, decorating, whatever, you seem to truly LIVE. And again, I thank you for that.
Since I am new to the world of blogging, and all things internet, I'm never quite sure of all of the rules. So I wanted to ask if its ok for me to mention your blog in my post this week???
Please let me know if thats ok to do.
I hope you have a wonderful day today. Laura, (this is my site) (this is the e-mail that I use the most)

Edna B said...

I don't worry about blog comments being on the "thin" side. My blog is a journal of sorts where I share my thoughts and photos and crafts. At least twice a year, I have it printed into hard cover books. These are for my family when I am no longer here. Although I must say, every now and then I sit down and read through an early volume. It's fun and reminds me of some things that I may have forgotten.

Your grandchildren and their friends are adorable. How quickly they grow!! Enjoy them. Soon enough they will be showing up with their own little ones.

You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

Pooja Singh said...

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