Sunday, March 27, 2016

What a beautiful day

It was such a nice day today.  Perfect weather.  All and all the week-end was lovely. 
My son and his daughters came for Easter lunch yesterday.  The girls had so much fun playing with the dogs.  My other two sons just stopped by today at different times.  I made up little Easter bags for the grandchildren.  A tiny bit of candy and some little toys.  I don't go overboard at Easter and their parents frown on too much candy.  It was just nice to see all of them.  I will get to see my Colorado kids in a week.  I will be in Colorado to watch my daughter's kids while they are on Spring Break.  I am excited to see them.  It has never been this long between visits.  I last saw them in June when we were all on vacation together.
I am having fits with my camera, mini pad and kindle.  Seems like I need all of these plus the laptop to take pictures or post.
Here are some pictures I took around the house this week.
I thought I had more pictures but they must be on the mini pad or kindle.  I hope my daughter will show me how to post from the I pad onto my blog.  My kindle takes really bad pictures not like my first kindle.  So more later......but this is in my living room.....well all purpose room.

This is a sunroom, bedroom, or TV room.  I think it may become the doll room.  My dolly friends have huge collections and they need their own room.  I am really going to try to keep my collection small.  Hubby said it looks cluttered.

Here are the guys waiting on me to let them in the house. Those daffies have stayed so nice.   They came and put black mulch all through the flower beds.  I just love "having people."
Back to that room again.  I wonder when the plans were first made for this unit, this room could have been a screened in porch.  I am so glad that it is a room that we can use year around.  It has four windows in it.  The most windows in any of the rooms.

I have a picture of the girls from yesterday but sharing this one from about three weeks ago.  We met for pizza with our son and the girls for Goose's 10th birthday.  They are so funny together.  Very close and just enjoy being with each other.  This was the day that their other grandma went into Hospice.
Well that's it for now.  Hubby and the dogs went to bed before me and the dogs are not cooperating.  I took a nap this afternoon.  I can easily nap in the chair but falling asleep at night is just a pain.
I hope everyone had a lovely day today.
Thank you Jesus.


Betsy said...

It sounds as though you've had a great weekend, seeing your grands and children. I like your living room, it seems cozy and happy. I can tell you're very excited about your Colorado trip.

Edna B said...

Oh my, I love all your beautiful daffies. The biggest one in my little garden is half opened. All the rest are budded. I can't wait to be able to look out at lots of beautiful colored blooms. You can't tell I love Spring, huh?

Your doggies look happy and adjusted to their new home. I wish I could let Pogo run outside like that, but he makes a mad dash for the street. I keep him on a leash and harness to keep him safe.

Enjoy your visit with your dollie friends, and have a fun visit with your grandchildren. Have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

Julia said...

I think you're right, the dolls have taken over and need their own room, lol. They seem to multiply. I think it's a great idea to have a room for the doll collections. You can go in there and play doll all day.

I love your front entrance with the perky daffodils. They really are brightening that entrance and make it so welcoming.
The girls are so sweet together like that.
I hope that your Colorado trip will go smooth.
Take care, hugs,

Carol said...

What a couple of cuties your granddaughters are! I'm glad you get to see them often. Do you sew or do crafts? If so, that room sounds like the perfect "Woman Cave," and your doll collection could grow and become a part of the decor....we always need more decor in a room!

Warm hugs,

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

My Colorado college boy just finished Spring Break and went back to classes this week. He said weather has been kinda yuck past few days. Everything is looking lovely in your neck of the woods. Glad to see you had a nice Easter. Take care, Tammy