Wednesday, March 23, 2016

I honestly can't believe it is almost Easter.  My daughter that lives in Colorado is on Spring Break,  but her kids' Spring Break isn't for about 10 days. Her kids had their third snow day today.  I talked to her earlier today and she said that she got a sunburn yesterday.  They went to bed with their windows open.  During the night she started to get cold.  She went to shut the window and there was already about 6 inches of snow on the ground.    The snow has been slamming there all day.  She just sent me a text and said the airport had closed.  Her husband was trying to find an open road to get home from work.  They don't plow their  roads there like they do in Ohio.   They figure it will melt soon. 
Our schools are on Spring Break here.  It does seem funny that we aren't going anywhere.  When the kids were at home we always went somewhere.  The whole town goes away.  If you stay the kids have nothing to do. 
I am actually  going to Colorado to watch my daughter's kids during their Spring Break.  That is if the airport opens back up, hah.
Saturday I went to the Don Scott Antique Fair.  I think they have them in other areas of the country.  It was fun.  I went with my new dolly ladies.  Some things are way over priced.  Others are reasonable.  I went looking for things for my space.  Here is a picture of the things I brought home
  The little baby buggy is old and made from cardboard,  wooden wheels and very sturdy and a great find.  The Fisher Price fire truck brings back memories of all the FP toys my kids had.  That is a composition Bubbles doll.  She is from 1924.  She is in fair condition for being that old.  The rubber doggy I had been looking for.  The tiny Kewpie doll is actually a talc holder.  I found a Smokey the Bear for my collection.  The other things are a page from an old book of the Three Bears and some decals.  I also got a cute circus looking shelf.  Not sure what I will do with it but will show that another time.
My dolly friends are coming here tomorrow. I got some things in order that I have been so slow at doing.  I still have half of a bedroom to finish but not this week. 
Well that's about it for now.  If I don't get back before HAPPY EASTER.



The snow is falling here too! Very pretty...however I want spring!
Fun finds.
Easter Blessings.

Miss Merry said...

Lots of new treasures! Happy Easter.

Consider It All Joy said...

I did hear that CO received Lots of snow, so cold there! You found some cute things for your shop and yourself! Enjoy this Holy Week! Blessings, Cindy xo

Betsy said...

I think CO is getting the snow we had yesterday. Our temps and the ground were sow arm thou, that although it fell most of the day, none stuck to the ground and I was back in flip flops today! You've gotta love spring! Nice finds at the show. I think the little buggy is my favorite. :-). Happy Easter to you too.

vivian said...

I love how you used that little wagon for an easter basket! cute idea! we had some warm days here, but it was snowing yesterday.. nothing stuck.. but still cold and snowy.. yuk! hoping for a warmer day on easter so the kids can play outside a bit. fingers crossed!
have a nice easter.. and a great trip to see those grands!

Julia said...

It looks like you were successful at finding some vintage treasures.
We got snow here too. Happy Easter!

Musings from Kim K. said...

I'm loving all your latest treasures. That miniature buggy is just precious. I've been watching all the weather reports regarding this latest spring storm. Hopefully, the snow will be all gone when you go visit the grands. Have a blessed Easter!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Love that little buggy and sweet dollie! Have a wonderful weekend and a good week visiting your family! Lots of hugs, Diane

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Happy Easter to you and hope that you are able to get to Colorado for the visit. No snow here in NH since a brief snowfall on Mon, the first day of spring. Glad you found some treasures

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I'm in love with all of your decorations. Have a very Happy Easter and a great time in Colorado with the kids!

A Joyful Cottage said...

Snow doesn't stay on the roads in Colorado very long. I actually enjoyed the snows when we lived there because the sun comes out immediately after a storm and all the snow starts to melt. When I lived in Columbus, OH the city only plowed the major streets. Our neighborhood streets had layers of ice and snow on them all winter long. They were never, ever plowed. It was awful. You'll have fun in Colorado with your grands.