Friday, February 26, 2016

Hank's first haircute

Hank and Piper went for haircuts yesterday.  Hank's first.  His hair is so weird.  It grows around his neck and on his sides but not much else other places.  I mean he really had about 4 inches of hair around his neck. They asked me if I wanted a Yorkie or Schnauzer.  I was thinking how could they get either style out of his fur.  My mind was a cloudy as it was traumatic getting them out of the car.  Hank's leash had gotten stuck in the seat so I carried him.  Piper was on the long extending leash.  Oh my, you would have to have seen it to believe it.  Once in the shop I put Hank down.  Big mistake he took off exploring and I was afraid the salesman that walked in had let him out.  No he didn't.  Said salesman thought it was funny that I couldn't catch him.  I was just about to tell him that he could help me.  Our last visit here the lady that is in charge didn't listen to our request and just did it her way.  Again she did the same thing.  She also seemed grumpy and it worried me.  When I picked them up she was trimming a little dogs nails and kept telling him "Stop" and "don't bite me".  I asked her if my dogs tried to bite her.  She said, "Heck no they just licked me to death."  That would be my boys.  Check out was $131.  If you use a card there is a tip guide on there.  I don't appreciate having to tip after that much but I did.  Hank was traumatized, and I am not kidding.  They were both in the same crate when I picked them up and they were okay.  But certain things later showed me that Poor Hank was really scared.  I took the bandana off because clothes freak him out.  He just wanted held all night.  The reason I went back to this groomer because they clean the dogs teeth, extra $30.  They get all the gunk off of Pipers teeth.  The vet had wanted to put him under and clean his teeth.  They expense was $400.  After he had the groomer clean his teeth the vet never said anything but his teeth looked good.  Now, I may look for someone else for Hank for the next time.
Piper didn't want his picture taken.  I think he was a little embarrassed.  Yes, there are blankets and a beach towel on the floor.  You know the reason .....Hank's little problem.  If he doesn't pee on them he tries to eat them.  If he wasn't so darn sweet it might be a problem.
Okay enough about my boys.  Oh, I got a haircut too, 3 inches shorter and back to bangs,
Remember the hanger falling on my nose. Well my poor nose took another hit yesterday.  While the guys were at the groomers I want to clean the sofa with the Dyson attachment.  Well I was thinking to myself how I hated the attachment.  The hose is really stiff and won't pull very far away from the base.  While you are using it the base flips here and there.  Usually it bangs my leg.  WELL, just as I was feeling the hate, the sweeper moved and the attachment flips right into my nose.  To spare details......bloody nose, headaches still and I feel like I am cross eyed.  I put frozen peas on it and cancelled the dentist appointment that was to be in a couple of hours. I feel so clumsy.  On the other hand, I am thinking this could be from the hand I had surgery on.   I wish there was a warning when these accidents happen but there isn't.  This is the third accident just lately.  I may call the surgeon and have him look at it.  There is  weird lump on my hand that doesn't seen to go away.
Last time I posted I did take off.  I went to the garden center.  I forgot my camera.  Not much put out yet but saw the cutest thing.  Little red flyer wagons filled with succulents.  Oh my gosh they were cute.  I have one of the wagons.  They wanted $49.  I also went to my space and walked around looking at all the other booths.  I ran to Hobby Lobby for a couple of things. That helped to get out. 
I have been working on the last of the boxes.  I am out of space.  So I am trying to be creative.  Meanwhile I made a mess all over the place.
Interesting, I asked Suri what the def of "a Cottage" was.  She said she looked it up and a cottage is a small simple house typically near a lake or a beach.  So I am convinced since our condo looks like a house and has a little pond that I live in a cottage.  So......I am going to refer to it as a cottage from now on out and not a condo.  Condo is just weird for me.  So cottage is it.
Here's what's happening on the pond today.  We have three couple hanging out.
I know this is a long post but I need to tell you about our sweet Goose.  She is such a team player.  She plays most of the game and probably one of the top two on the basketball team this year.  Well she was out for a couple of minutes and another teammate made a basket.  That teammate and another one had crossed the center line.  The rest of the players were in the other half of the court taking the ball in from the side line.  So Goose runs out to hug the girl that made the basket.  The ref starting blowing his whistle and called a technical on Goose.  Really.  Goose gets so upset and is crying and loosing it on the bench.  The ref knew he shouldn't have (at least in my book).  He walked over to Goose and said, "I'm sorry honey you can go right back in."  It took a long time for her to settle in.  I saw the ref tell her coach he was so sorry that she got so upset.  Well, basket ball is over for the three playing and I can't be happier.  It was a stressful season for the 9 year olds.
I am working on a couple of things that I will share with you soon.  I wish I could have everything in order in the "cottage" so I could do more projects.
Well, if you are still reading.  I hope you all have a great week-end.  Watch out for those Dyson attachments.  (Goose is the one in the blur)


Betsy said...

Loved the post today. I felt as if we sitting at the table chatting. That's a lot for haircuts and I think I would be mighty suspicious that your little one was so scared afterwards. It reminds me of some babysitters I have known. You catch them yelling or hitting a child and they say "nope, never did it to your kid." Hmmm. So sorry for poor Goose too. That must have been hard for her. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Miss Merry said...

I agree with Betsy about the haircuts. It doesn't seem like a very pleasant experience for the pups. How cute she ran in for a hug! I always cheer for both teams at 2 grade basketball and i drives some of the crowd nuts. I don't care - they are all trying so hard and they are just adorable. I think I need to visit a garden center - we all need to think "cottage". And you better stop bashing yourself! We are getting concerned!

genie said...

Your poor babies and your poor pocket book. I do not thin I would have paid all that money to the vet to have the teeth cleaned. That is a real rip off if you ask me. Sounds like you are feeling better. Goose looks like she is enjoying her life, too. Your place is so pretty. Love those ducks. I got a sweet little package in the mailbox yesterday and I bet you have a wee idea who sent it. Thank you so much. Cannot wait to use the soap tonite. You were so sweet to remember me. I am using my pas already. Take care and do not do too much. Love you...genie

Cozy Little House said...

If you have a gut bad feeling about the groomer, follow that gut feeling. Mine have been going to a place that was real close to the little blue house, pretty far from me now, but she's so good with them. Most I've ever paid was $70 for both of them. But then she doesn't clean teeth.

vivian said...

animal people arent supposed to be grumpy. wonder whats up with her... well the puppies survived thats a good thing! lol! Im sure they are sweet as can be. I like dogs best after theyve had a bath. kids too! LOL!
have a great day my friend

Consider It All Joy said...

I do hope you are feeling better, Debby! You little pups are so cute, sorry they were traumatized, I hope you do find a better place to take them. Sorry your sweet goose had a bad incident, hoping that the next season will be much happier for her! Many blessings to you dear Debby! Cindy xoxo

bj said...

hope you are feeling better...i think the first hair cut for doggie and little people is always traumatic.....

A Joyful Cottage said...

Debby, I hope you can control your Dyson from now on. You should not get a bloody nose when you vacuum! The pups sure are cute. My heart just aches for your little goose. Hope she just moves past it and doesn't let it get her down. Take care of yourself in your cottage by the pond. Hugs, Nancy

Sue said...

Oh my- you didn't relay all of this in our conversation yesterday!! I bought a Dyson and hated the hose- no control over it at all. I took the darn thing back.... I groom Flynn at home- he enjoys it, lies down and lets me trim him with no problems at all. You had better get back to your surgeon to see what is going on with your hand. Don't procrastinate!!!