Monday, February 29, 2016

A bonus day

How does Leap Year justify an extra day.  Not sure  how that happens but that's for someone else to figure out.  I have enough to keep my head above water and protecting my head, hah.
I am okay from the last bashing.  I had headaches for awhile.  The next day the dog leash went flying from my hand and off went Hank.  Well the retractable part went flying with him and landed next to him in the yard.  He was puzzled as I ran out to catch him with one shoe on in the snow.  Can you imagine if my life inside this cottage was being viewed by the outside world.  It isn't my age because truthfully life has always been like this.  If not me, my kids.   Back to the leash, I caught him before he realized what had happened.  I think he thought that I the the leash at him.  Well, I got him safely in the door and turned to put Piper out.  Well guess who was out in the yard loose, yep, Piper.  He came right in, this dog is a sweet heart, but stood by the door waiting for me to unhook him, so I pretended to do that.  So, I came in the house and called the surgeon.  I have an appointment set up for in a couple of weeks.  Not sure they can do anything, but maybe they can. 
OKAY, the little store I went to after dropped the dogs off for a haircut, is where I got this flower canvas came from.  I saw it and there was no hesitating.  The colors are not any I would put together but oh, I like it.  It is also where I got the doggy picture.  That dog looks like Hank but different coloring, esp. the ears.
Okay here is another purchase.  I asked if it was in the sale and it soon became a sale price.  Do you see what I see.  I think it might have been a mailbox ??  I see a doll house.  The little thing on the top opens up like an awning. 
I can't wait to make something out of it.  But I have to get this place in order.  I know why I stopped unpacking before Christmas.  It makes such a mess all over the house til new homes are found.  Getting closer to being done.
Okay here are the things I have squeezed in between boxes.
This was a little round vintage suitcase.  It didn't clean up well so I painted it.  I got the idea from a crafter I met in December.  Remember the cute doll in the chair.  Well, I knew what I wanted to do with it.  When I opened my little closet retail space I really thought the idea of little bags with story items in them.  The intention was for the little ones to be able to play with them.......and with fairy tale stories. Well the Three Little Bears is my favorite.  I had little books and items that went with the books.  The only one that sold was a modern story.  Light bulb, kids today have their own fairy tales like princesses  and super heroes.  So I decided I would make things permanent so they could be staged.  Otherwise, little fingers would rearrange the whole space and who knows where the things would end up.  BUT, here is my problem.  The little suitcase I had seen had not been painted.  It did have doll house furniture on it.  Wouldn't you know when I finished this that artist posted a picture of a duck suitcase just like mine and painted.  She had a doll glued in and on the open part a pond painted with a duck glued in.  She paints over the dolls and they are just beautiful.  I have a hard time altering the dolls.  At first I had a cheap rubber doll in this.  I decided that made it look cheap.  Now she would charge $100 for her.  (I will find out this week-end when I go to the Barn Sale she is in)  I would probably ask $25 for this.  Trust me, hers are real art work, still a little high but people pay for it.  SO here is my problem.  Is this copying her talent.  ??????  Should I not do this to sell.
I used pages from a Three Bears book.  I picked pages that you could figure out the story about the bears.  I added little pink trees, a Mama bear with a hat that I got in a mini swap, Papa Bear with a Smokey the Bear hat (it didn't come with a bear) and a little baby bear with a little rubber dolly.  Also their is a play pen to represent the beds.  Also a little bowl and whish that I purchased.  The bears came from some of my auction boxes.
The other doll is supposed to be Mary of Mary had a little lamb or Bo Peep.  In her hand is a button that is cotton candy.  I got the little chalkboard that she is glued on from Target in the dollar bins.
Well I need to tidy up as the day is getting away from me.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Well, you know I'm going to say, you should keep everything! heehee! Love the sweet doll suitcase and also that little house that you may turn into a doll house. You find the neatest things! Enjoy your week...stay safe! Hugs, Diane

Betsy said...

Love your suitcase and the stories. Great ideas. But I admit that I laughed out loud at your antics with the dogs. I wish I could have been there.

NanaDiana said...

Oh- How cute, Debby. I wouldn't worry about 'copying' someone. Everybody has their own slant on things anyway. Sorry about the dog making you give chase...but it is kind of funny. I always laugh inappropriately! lol
Trying to get a visit or two in as I can here. Love to you- xo Diana

Melanie said...

Sorry to hear about your accidents lately - yikes! Love your little suitcase...I wouldn't worry about copying if yours is different in your own unique way.
You asked on my blog if I had a new camera. Nope! Most of my photos are merely taken with my phone camera (Samsung Galaxy S6). I think I'm just getting a little better at photography. Oh - and that doll that I showed - I didn't buy her. I was just showing the packaging because of what it said at the bottom of the package. The doll has my name. :-)

genie said...

You have a special way of honing in on the el cheepo goodies. I never find them. I am using my soap and my pad. I put them both straight to use. Again, thank you so much. genie PS...That story of you running across the yards with only one shoe on. That is definitely something I would do.

vivian said...

I love the little goldilocks and the three bears case.. cute cute cute!
I made a goldilocks and three bears 3 dimentional story book when I was in college taking childrens lit.. I have it somewhere. maybe I'll dig it out and take a pic of it to show you sometime!
have a great day my friend

Julia said...

Debby, I sure hope the doctor can do something about your hand. It would be scary if you dropped the dog leash and a car was coming.
You did a great job putting the doll and small articles on that little round case. I think you're having so much fun playing with dolls. Miss Bo Peep looks great too.

Regine Karpel said...


Lutka And Co. said...

Love the doggy in the bike basket painting :) I'm learning how to paint, and have been wanting to paint my dogs. So cute!

akash jameel said...

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