Wednesday, August 26, 2015

National dog day

In honor of the day, Here is Hank waiting on football season to start.  Go Ohio State Buckeyes.  And this is  picture is already on my Kindle.  He is bigger now but not much.  He is getting onery.  I have never seen a dog run like this one. He runs and ducks under the furniture.  We are scared if he runs into something at that speed that he will get seriously hurt .
An update on our mothers.  My Mom's blood work did not come out well.  Count is still rising.  They are doing a blood marrow biopsy tomorrow.
My husband's Mom is now in hospice care while in the nursing home.  So sad as she sleeps most of the time and isn't  aware of what is going on.  My SIL visits her everyday and will feed her when she will eat .
Our moms are 87 and 88.  We can just hope and pray that they aren't in pain.  My Mom says she feels better. To end on a high note.  We are having cooler weather, and I love that.  The grands are doing well adjusting to being back in school.


Julia said...

Thanks for the update on both your moms. It's sad to see their health decline so fast. Some day it will be our turn and I hope it won't be soon.

You little dog sure fills a place in your heart. The only way he will learn to slow down is when he gets hurt. Hopefully he won't break any bones.
Have a great day and keep smiling that beautiful smile of yours.


It's tough to see our parents age...cooler weather here too and I'm enjoying it!
your puppy looks so sweet in the bed

Miss Merry said...

Caring for our parents is the hardest job of all. It is so hard to decide what decisions are for the best. I wish both mothers peace, calm and little pain. I also wish calmness and peace for you caretakers.

Consider It All Joy said...

Sending prayers to you and your hubby for both of your moms. It's hard to watch our parents age and become more frail and dependent on care! Glad you are enjoying some cooler weather, we need to get some here (someday)! Blessings, Cindy

Mereknits said...

Not and easy time is it. I just wanted my Mom to pass peacefully. She was ready and it took such a long time it was hard to watch. Hang in there my friend and GO Buckeye's!