Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Back from the beach

The title is a little funny, considering I never went to the beach.  The house that we stayed at has a private beach that you can walk to.  All the kids and grands went almost everyday.  Hubby and I never went.  It's not that we don't like the beach.  We got to enjoy the water while dining out and on a pirate ship.  I have tons of photos to share of our trip.  I will post a few here and there so I don't bore you.
We had a great time.  The house is perfect for our family.  My SIL and BIL are part owners.  If you ever need a great home to stay in at Hilton Head, I can give you info.  This is our families' third visit.  Thanks Mary Ann and Bill.
The pool in the back yard is always the center of all the fun.  We had some major water gun fights.  They blasted me in my clothes.  So I got my suit on and blasted them back.  Yep, I got in the pool.
Eating out every night except for one was fun for everyone. 
  I guess Blogger isn't going to let me post my pictures today.  So more another time.  This is our crew, minus the little guy on the right, before we boarded the Pirate Ship.
I'll be back later with lots more.


Susie said...

Debby, Show us your tan lines. :):) I can see you running around squirting those kids...what a fun time. I am so happy for you to have so much time with your family. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

20 North Ora said...

Sounds like a wonderful time at the "beach". LOL Glad you had a good time and looking forward to your photos.


Julia said...

Having water fight with the grandkids is a good to melt stress away... even though you got soaked in your clothes, haha. It sounds like a best vacation ever. Great photos.

Sue said...

Sounds as if a fun time was had by all! Now that you're home, we need to come up with a day we can get together! You, me, and the girlfriend! LOL

vivian said...

LOoks like a wonderful time. Hilton head, Ive heard is beautiful. maybe someday I'll get there.. (lol! most likely not!) Your grands look like they were having a good time and good for you that you got in the water to play with them. they will remember that!
love to you!


Good memories for your grand's!!

p.s. the garage sale earning was $300. not $3,000...sorry for the misunderstanding.

Consider It All Joy said...

It looks like everybody had a great time! So happy your were able to go! Have a great week! Blessings, Cindy

Anonymous said...

I looks like everyone had such a wonderful time and I love that picture of your husband with the kids at the pool. They were obviously enjoying themselves and love their grandpa very much! Looking forward to seeing the rest of your pictures.

Edna B said...

It looks like everyone was having a really grand time. That water looks so inviting. It's wonderful you were able to spend such quality time with your family. How did your doggie do while you were away? I'll bet he's so glad to have you home again.

How is the weather in your area? Hopefully, the heavy rains will stay away. I'll be looking forward to more of your vacation photos. You have a super day, hugs, Edna B.