Sunday, February 22, 2015

Bear's, Deer, and Bunnies

My little bears got freed from the little box.  I put some of my minis inside.  Actually these were the minis from Sweet Hilda.
Front yard guests are always best.  Except a skunk.  We saw one once in the front yard.  Oh my, so glad he left.
I took this picture yesterday before all the new snow (oh only about 8 inches more).  I used the zoom on my point and shoot through the double window pane.
A new mini that I am working on.
Hoot, hoot, We got out and went to church.  The roads were a bit bad out.  But, oh it was good being out and around "my people".  I love our little Church in the Mall.  We went out for lunch as well.  I wanted to stop at T.J Maxx and Hobby Lobby just to look.  I told Mr. Cozy I'd skip T.J.'s but I really wanted to go to H.L.  I think I heard a little snicker when I noticed the parking lot was empty and remembered they are close on Sunday.
One more week til March...............yippee.  Not complaining, as I save that for summer.  Just saying...............


NanaDiana said...

LOL- I hear you about Hobby Lobby. I have driven over a couple of times forgetting that they are closed on Sundays. Guess you should have gone to TJ. lol

Cute pictures and that mini is going to be just darling. xo Diana

Mereknits said...

Love the deer in your front yard, great picture.

Lady Jane said...

I love your bunny, so cute....

A Joyful Cottage said...

I miss Hobby Lobby. TJ Maxx, too, for that matter. Any big box store would be a welcome treat. We live in a remote area of Oregon where the biggest store in the whole county is Safeway. People here don't like it if I mention this, though. So shhhh. LOL. We have lots of deer here. Not a good thing when one is planning a garden. Your photo is pretty, though. xxx ~ Nancy

Julia said...

A great photo for being shot through a double pane window. I wonder how our dears have survived this harsh winter with so much snow and sudden temperature changes.

You have lots of miniature. This lady must be making them with Fimo clay. I bet that you could have lots of fun making some miniatures yourself. Just google Fimo clay miniature images and then click on more images. They also have Fimo miniature tutorial to show you how.

My granddaughter used to make a lot of Fimo critters that she harden in the oven. Some pices were very elaborate and delicate.

Cute bunny miniature. I bought two ceramic bunnies today. They caught my eyes and I couldn't resist.

Stay safe.

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

I love the deer photo. I also love what you did with your curio.

Winkel's Crazy Ideas said...

What a sweet little cupboard, good idea! Love your deer photo, poor things how they must struggle in the deep snow. Woke up to another 25 cm of it here. Feel rather fed up, but like you say, only a week until march. When it's Summer l grumble about it being too hot ;). Blessings, Pam xx

vivian said...

that poor deer. I feel so bad for the wild life here. there is just too much snow. I dont know what they could possible be eating. I dont even like to think about it. it really disturbs me. Next winter Im hanging my birdfeeders. I should have this year. have fun with your miniatures and have a great week Deb

Edna B said...

Oh my, I love the photo of the deer. I miss seeing them all the time, but not enough to go back to work. haha.

Your bears are beautiful, and the minis for the doll house are adorable. You gals have lots of patience to be making these tiny things.

Vacation time is getting very close and there's so much to do here before we leave. At least I won't be worrying about our roofs while I'm gone. Most all the snow and ice has been removed.

I think I'll drag out the suitcase and do some serious packing now. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Was the little snicker because he remembered they were closed on Sunday. haha
Love your picture of the visitor. Wow you guys have a lot of snow there too. Every where I go I see snow pics. I would die if I were showing them. haha I am so use to warmer weather here in Texas except this week it is too cold. I know I am trying not to complain either.
Your so creative. Love these mini's.
I can't remember if you have entered my giveaway or not yet. Come by it ends Friday.
Love ya

Musings from Kim K. said...

We love our wildlife. I do wonder how they are finding food with all this snow and cold. Your miniature collections are just fantastic!