Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Basketball season is over/ A funny story about our 8 year old grandson

Our grandson is the third fro the right.  His team had a great season  It was travel basketball.  They played so many games.  Every week-end 6 games or more.  Also practice a couple nights a week.  We didn't make many of the games because most were an hour away.  Now onto the next sport.

This is Goose's team.  They played in the finals on Monday night.  They won the first game and moved on to the final and they won.  You wouldn't believe how hard these little girls play.  Their team was so small where other teams were so tall.  Our Goose is in the front center.  She and the little girl to her right were the peanuts.  That little girl with the glasses is so small but mighty.  I would say very easily she was the best on the team.  Her dad was one of the coaches.  It was so much fun to have 10 family members rooting them on.  We take up a big section of the gym, hah.

Basketball for Mabel ended a couple weeks ago.  She also takes dance lessons.  I don't know if she will play sports in the spring.  Goose has been on a soccer travel team all year  That's where she excels.  Basketball ended early for K the oldest as she broke a finger.  Goose actually has a black eye from running into a pole.  It's kinda a family issue with not looking where you are going.

Now, the Colorado kids are into dancing for E. and fishing for our Fisherboy.  I am hoping to fly out when E. has her dance competitions.  I love watching them.  I like Dance Moms for the dancing.  I sure don't like Abby.

Our grandson had a school project to do for a month.  Getting him to do something is like pulling teeth.  He had to decorate a box from one scene in the book he read.  Boxcar Kids, I think was the title.  He kept putting it off because he told everyone that Grammy would do it.  So I scanned the book quickly and suggested a scene where the mom sells pies.  Still not motivates and me not wanting to do it for him, I outlined a kitchen on the back wall.  I gave him a foam person.  He finally decorated the person to look like a mom.  He stated, "This is the hardest thing I ever did."  Hah.  All he did was cut out clothes from construction paper.  I told him he had to color in the kitchen wall.  Oh my gosh, that took another forever.  He said, "It has to look good because I got some future girlfriends in this class." He flipped his hair and said, " All I have to do is walk through my class, and I got 20 girlfriends."  I knew he wouldn't say that to anyone other than me.  All of a sudden all the wall was colored.  Yeah.  He stole a table from Mabel's house for the pies.  But Mabel through a fit and there was a big fight and she won.  I told him to take it later or I would give him a table.  I am giving him my left over pies from my swap.  So he is finished.  I have seen some of these projects before.  They have been so overboard.  His will look simple but like he did it not an adult.

I think it might get close to freezing today.  Wow, it has been bitter,  HUGS


Julia said...

Congratulations on the grandkids having great season and winning. They sure love sports.

That's hilarious, just walking in the room and he's got 20 girlfriend. That's quite the ego for a 8 years old boy.... lol... He thinks he's got it made.

Snowing steady again here since early this morning.


NanaDiana said...

Oh, Debby- I love hearing about all your grandkids. Yours are as busy as ours. In that first picture you could have just said the boy with the nice hair. lol.

Glad your girls won their competition. My Lulu is the star player on their volleyball team and they are just going to state. They have a small team, too, but they all play hard.

That is so funny about the shoe box project. I can just hear the fight over the table. We have had a couple of those. lol

Hope you have a great day-xo Diana

Winkel's Crazy Ideas said...

Had to smile, he is lucky to have a gran to help him ;). Isn't it funny how different people are. Reminds me of a friends boy. He had to look at a picture of a painting and write down what he thought the two children on the picture were thinking. He cried his eyes out and threw a tantrum. "Now how on EARTH should l know what those stupid children are thinking!!" He yelled ;-). Love all the miniatures you have been showing on your blog, that swap must have been such fun (but hard work too). Miniatures are such fun aren't they. I started collecting when l was Mabels age, then in my teens l stopped because l thought l had to grow up. Then into my fourties l found a dollhouse at a jumble sale and thought "have to grow up? bah humbug!" Discovering all the miniaturists all over the world and all there is to learn from them is such fun. The little girl lives on ;-). Pam xx

Jenny's Heart said...

Such active kiddos!
I love reading about them.

Edna B said...

Your grandkids sure are busy, but that is good for them. As for "Dance Moms", I love to watch the kids dancing, but I agree about not liking Abby's attitude. I stopped watching because I can't stand watching those "mothers" with the loud mouths and rotten attitudes. I just can't stand watching them yelling and arguing all the time. I don't it's good for the kids either. So I watch the Weather Channel a lot. lol.

You stay warm and hug your doggies. Hugs, Edna B.

Coisas de Manuh said...

Que lindos.