Monday, January 5, 2015

Sun before the storm

This morning the sun was shining even though it was only 15 degrees out.  So I decided to show you some pictures inside the house.  Then the sun quickly went back behind the clouds.  We are getting a winter storm tonight.  You all know how much I love long as we have power.  But I also feel bad that I love it so when my husband has a long drive to work each way in the bad weather.
The week before Christmas and before I left for Colorado, I mentioned about my son having a rough week.  Since he lost all his belongings we had to help furnish his apartment.  We gave him our denim sofa.  He doesn't have a bed but I thought he could sleep on the couch.  Better than sleeping on the floor like he was.  We have had this love seat downstairs for quite awhile.  So, upstairs came the love seat.  I really like it back upstairs.  I have the cushion turned over right now.  I throw a quilt over it for when Piper sleeps on it.  Sure wish I could have a rug in this spot, but my Yorkie thinks rugs are potty pads...sound familiar Brenda.  I still like the bench that I got for $20 for the sofa table.  It was marked down.  I actually carried it myself and put it in the little green bug.  It fit somehow.  I moved the blue table that was there to the other side.    I like it there as well.

Yep, the tree is still up and their are presents undelivered.  Due to illness we haven't had our exchange with my son and his girls.

Check out how different the same paint looks in this picture and the one above.  I took this picture of the cabinet to see if Laurie and I have the same one.  I always put the Christmas card photos on this.  Not many this year.  Since my address book is MIA, we didn't get as many cards.

My little blue shelf always looks weird if I take a picture of the whole thing.  I went around the house and took a few things down that were Christmasy but left all the ones that looked like winter.  See this adorable snowman in the ice cream container.  It was part of a swap I was in with Jenny.  I will post more of those pictures soon.

This other snowman by the deer is from Polly's store.  It was funny, when I was their with my girlfriends (he he Sue) I kept picking it up and deciding that I didn't need it.  It was funny when one of my friends said they kept seeing this snowman in different places.  That was it, it was such a funny thing that I knew buying it would preserve that memory.  They didn't know that I kept putting it down.
  My little heater and my wagon.  A woodland bear toting some forest animals hopped on board for a ride.  (It was a bear from my dear cousin)  Did you know that Boyd's bears have closed their factory doors.  There are so many on the market that they can be purchased for very little)  Everyone that I bought I had a reason for liked it. 
I ventured out today.  I thought it would give me a boost.  I hadn't been out of the house for 7 days.  We needed dog food.  Poor Hubby has been waiting on me night and day.  Luckily he got some groceries since I haven't been up to it.  I was out last Tuesday when I went to Urgent Care and got a few things at CVS waiting on my meds.  Today, I thought I would go to Aldi's for a few things.  After the pet store, I was out of steam and just came home.  My energy level is at zero.  I fell like a nap right now.  I got up early was 10 a.m.  I had been sleeping til 11.  Isn't that crazy.
I got the Country Living magazine today.  It is so small.......but what's inside is the best.  Article on doll houses and tiny houses.  Wahoo......Also on the back page is a picture that you can order in a pain by number kit.  And it's a retro trailer.......yippee.  I noticed last month there was one that I was tempted to get as well.
OKAY, signing off..............more down the road.


angie said...

sooo beautiful pictures !!! a happy new year wishes angie from Germany

Anonymous said...

I thought the Country Living magazine was thin this month also! But it did have some goodies in it. I have a doll house but no furnitute for it yet so that gave me some inspiration, your home looks like ours with the bare floors, the spot in our house where a rug should go is bare here also, not because of dogs , we have no dog now but I gave my area rugs away when we moved into that small place we lived inlast year, now I wish i had them but they are not in the budget. Your china cabinet is fancier than mine, much better shape, lol, but similar!

vivian said...

Cold here too... brrr.. like 12 degrees on the way home tonight. makes me tired! I hope youre feeling better soon.


It's very cold here...brrr..
have you thought about a indoor/outdoor rug for your living room???Or a "grass mat" I think they call them. Maybe the puppy won't like how it feels on his feet..just a thought!
Feel better soon.

Julia said...

Hi Debby, I sure hope that you get well soon and that you get your energy back.

I was sick for 5 days and my husband was sick only for one day so I think it was some food he prepared from some old leftover for me since he gets home before me from work. We had so much food in the fridge and everyone was bringing food in over the holidays. I had stomach gas and diarrhea and no appetite. Not a good way to loos weight.

Since my chemo, I have to be careful what I eat as I don't have a great immune system yet. I sure built up mu immunity on this bug that hit me though. I just got back my energy today and I cleaned up the house all day in between farm work and even put most of my Christmas decorations away. Only the garland on the stair remains and two very small entrance trees with lights.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Jann Olson said...

Your home looks cozy even without a rub Debby. I love the little snowman in the ice cream container. The other one will always remind you of that fun story. Glad you were able to get out! I don't know about you, but I start to get cabin fever.

Blondie's Journal said...

You did a great job on your son's home. Bravo! And yours looks so warm and have a lot of treasures that are so YOU!

I hope you feel better soon. I have to get out every day and today it was only 3 degrees. We have snow coming tomorrow but the worst thing is the ice from the snow that fell over the weekend. I always worry about my hubby and kids as they all have to drive to work.

Take care, dear.

Jane xx

Poppy said...

Happy New Year, Debby!

I hope you are feeling better and also that your son is doing better.

The light is very tricky when it comes to taking photos, isn't it? Your furniture looks lovely and the room cozy. It's been very cold here, too, and it actually snowed today!


Musings from Kim K. said...

Your home is very cozy. Continue to take good care of yourself. Take it slow. Thank you for the tip on the country living magazine! You had me at dollhouse!

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures of your home. So bright, airy and cozy. I had a little Yorkie that I loved for almost 17 years, still love her actually. She thought rugs were potty pads too! She also had a very bad habit of running under my bed to poop. Bad dog, lol. Still love her and miss her, potty problems and all. She was my baby. Give your little baby a hug for me: )

Anonymous said...

I wanted to add that I have a curio cabinet full of Yorkie ceramics. Maybe I will share them one day!