Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Another Christmas Gathering

We finally had our Christmas with our son and his girls.  We went to Goose's basketball game and then to their house to open gifts.  Then we went out to the town greasy spoon breakfast place.   Goose got a bath before we started but her hair is so thick they skipped her hair.  Would you believe all four of the littles have basketball on Saturdays.  She was so excited over her gingerbread girl.  Remember she was the one and only gingerbread person for the third grade Christmas program. 

And her is the bike.......I asked her if she remembered what she asked for and she did.  I think she was shocked.

Then there is K.T. Bug.  She wanted money.  I'm not ready to start doing that but she didn't come up with anything else.  I always pick up little things during the year so at least she had those to open.  She likes "spy" things.  This was one of those invisible pens and I think it was her favorite. She had written on her face and was lighting it up but it doesn't show in this picture.

I always try to have a picture of  Hubby and me, just to show that we were there in the moment.  Not always do I like the picture but there was only one.  Their house has these huge windows and it's full of light.  My hair has been really bothering me.  I let the bangs grow out and I'm not liking the flat look.  Oh well.....

My Dil did not like me taking a picture of all of them I said I wouldn't post it.  Well, I didn't on Facebook.  But I needed a picture all of them.

When we went to the greasy spoon, we knew it would be cold.  The door opens right into the restaurant.  It was only in the single digits.  Of course we had to sit by the door.  Everyone in the restaurant had their coats on.  That door nearly froze everyone.  You could see your breath.  Denison University resides in our community.  They usually are very nice.  (their parents aren't)  So one of the college guys went to the door to leave.  He opened the door and was yelling outside at a friend and just left it open.  Every was saying ,"Shut the door."  Finally one of his friends yelled, "Shut the door you idiot."  It was so funny.  He walked back in and told us that he was really sorry.

I am headed out of the house soon to get Mabel and her brother from the bus.  I haven't been out much at all lately.  This will be the first time this week because of the cold and ice.  Mabel needs to help me make pies.  Wish they were real.

I'd like to end this post with OH...........
I am so proud of the Buckeyes.  It's pretty incredible considering we lost the first game of the season and two of our quarterbacks were injured.  I think there are a lot of Buckeye fans that are pretty tired today.  My grandson was just sure they would cancel school today because of the late game last night.  But they didn't.  Way to go Buckeyes.


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh what a lovely family!!! I laughed about the restaurant, lol

Julia said...

That looks like a very happy little family.
I'm glad that you had a great Christmas visit with them.

The restaurant where my husband and I and friends have breakfast on Sunday was cold too. The bathroom was like an icebox. Ouch...


Cozy Little House said...

Lots of looks of love there!

Poppy said...

Such sweet pics of your lovely family, Debby. So glad you got to spend time with your adorable grands and their parents.


Gina said...

Looks like you had a great time with your family! Such sweet photos!

NanaDiana said...

I am glad to see some family pictures, Debby and glad you were able to get together with the kids. Two of my granddaughters wanted spy kits for Christmas. So funny-they had fake mustaches and everything. lol

That restaurant sounds like a winner. lol Too bad it was so darned cold.

Have a great night, Debby- xo Diana

Zuni, Chickadee Home Nest said...

Cute, cute pictures of cute, cute girls, Debby! I bet I know the greasy spoon since we're there in Granville often!! Happy new year to you! ~Zuni

Edna B said...

Your family photos are beautiful. I'm so glad that you had at least one photo of you and hubby. Somehow, us photo takers seem to get left out of all the memory pix.

Thoughts of the "greasy spoon" brought back lots of memories from younger years. I surely had my share of meals in one. lol.

You have a wonderful day and stay warm. Hugs, Edna B.

Anonymous said...

Your granddaughters are beautiful! That's so funny about the bike and the gingerbread doll is so cute. Tell the older girl that we can't see the spy pen because we are not trained spies, lol. What a cute idea for a gift. I am so happy to hear that you had a good time. I always enjoy seeing my grandkids especially since it's usually once a year. I am having the same problem with my hair as I am trying to grow it out too. I hate all the stages of blah you have to go through before you make it to beautiful. Yours looks better than mine!