Thursday, July 10, 2014

Staging the bedroom

Piper photo bombed this picture.  Before showings I take all the linens off the bed.  I put the ones we use in closed plastic bags and put the new bedding on.  Why..........we sleep with dogs.  I don't want the bedroom to smell like our doggies.  It is a pain to change everything.  No, Piper is not allowed on this spread.  I found this one at TJ Max.  It is light weight quilt.  My big quilt has to be taken in to the cleaners to get washed.  I probably have more money in that than the quilt itself.  This quilt was less than $50.  The shams were $25.  I need more pillows though.  I put the owl pillow on to fill it out a little.  I also like the reverse side. 
The teapot lamp I have had for awhile.  It moves from one room to another.
I got the Happy sign at a barn sale this spring.  It looks easy to make and hopefully I can make another one someday with a different saying.  I had this canvas made from a picture last year when we were in Hilton Head.  Not a selfie, either.
Hubby's dresser.  I cleaned off all his junk and gave him the doggy collection.  And a couple of books about being a grandpa.
This big dresser will not being going with us when we move.  I decided I had to decorate this room a little.  It's a very long room, actually used to be two bedrooms.  I remember hearing that every room needs a little black.  So I added the black frames.  I saw this aqua frame and thought it would bring out the spread cover on the other side of the room.  Also the eggs in the basket.  I wish the paint color on the walls would show up better.  It is called bubble.  It is actually a little on the bright side but looks so well with real wood.
Sorry you have to stand on your head for this.  A lot of my framed things are put away.  The middle picture is from a friend that just started painting.  I was so excited that she wanted to gift me one of her first paintings.  I picked up the other barn and farmhouse canvas at a décor place for less than $10 total.  I know, I am such a big spender.
My grandmothers old dresser.  My parents had it refinished years ago.  I just love this dresser.   The picture is of the grands last summer also at Hilton Head.  My DIL had each one put their fingerprint beside their picture and sign it.  The bride was a wedding gift from my aunt.
The framed doily was done by the same grandmother.  I bought the bridal dress for a wedding shop but kept it instead.  It says "Once upon a Fairy Tale" .  I have something else I want to add to this but maybe later.  Last but not least the rocking chair that I rocked my babies in.  The first one is now 41.  It was our first piece of furniture that we purchased.  It has been a part of all of our homes.
Okay, hope you aren't too bored.  Just trying to keep busy.  We had a showing today.  Not as much drama this time.  I took the dogs across the street and I sat in the swing by our clubhouse.  Of course, they spilled their water first right off the bat.  Things went okay til we left for home.  Izzy's leash broke and she was off.  I got Piper home and Izzy came back.  She usually does but she got lost once.  She is so little that I am afraid someone would hit her.  I came back and crashed. 
No word on the pathology report.  I called the doctor.  The doctor told his nurse to tell me sometimes it takes awhile and for me to call him on Monday.  Okay, so I just need to be patient.


Cozy Little House said...

I haven't done it in a long time, but it's very tiring to show a house and have to take the dogs somewhere.

Grammy Goodwill said...

Hope you can rest over the weekend and not worry too much. We are due to close Aug. 1 - 3 weeks from tomorrow. Eeks! I know what you're going through, Friend.

Musings from Kim K. said...

I'm sure it's so hard to feel settled until you get your reports back. Thinking of you!!!

White Lace and Promises said...

Oh Debby, love the bedding. I'm so into blue right now.

Consider It All Joy said...

Trying to show/sell a home is lots of work. I pray it goes well and quickly! BTW: I'm living with my music wall and getting used to the stimuli :) Blessings, Cindy

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Looks great. Hope you sell quickly.

Lynnie CottageGalstyle said...

Good luck with moving, it is such a hard thing to do and to keep everything looking perfect for showings...all the time.

It will be worth it in the end but in the meantime...keep on trucking!

Hugs, Lynnie