Thursday, June 5, 2014

Pacing myself/Some outdoor photos

Hubby told me that I need to pace myself a little more.  I know, it's true.  I don't have the energy I did four years ago when we put our house on the market.  I was tired then as well.  (Anyone that can sleep through a brain MRI is tired, hah)  So much to do.  I know it will all be worth it, I know.  Right now it is overwhelming.  Sometimes, I just don't know where to start.
The painters are finishing up the ceilings and the bedroom.  They should be done soon.  Little Baby O. also arrives soon. I think that will be my down time today.  I was almost physically ill last night.  I think it was the paint.  I choose Harmony paint for the walls so that should have been ok.  The ceiling paint must have gotten to me.  Since I haven't left the house for a couple of days, I probably need some fresh air.  I am alternating from open windows to A/C.
Hubby and I went and looked at the other two condos in the neighborhood that we want to move to.  There are three available.  We like each one for different reasons.  Just talked to our long time family friend about his condo in the same area.  He has turned into a snowbird since his wife died.  Yes, another great friend a few years back.  He said he was thinking of selling his condo.  So we will look at his this week-end when he gets here from Florida.  Now, all we need is this house to sell, quickly.
After looking at the condos and grabbing a bite to eat, we had a blow out on a tire.  It sounded like a gunshot.  Luckily Hubby was driving.  We were able to pull off the road.  Poor Hubby worked so hard at getting the tire off but after taking the lugs off it wouldn't budge. We called for help.  After seeing what the mechanic did to get it off, we were glad we called.  Plus it was getting dark.  I was so lucky that it didn't happen to me when I had kids with me or in busy traffic.
I will leave you some outdoor pictures.  We have had a lot of rain and storms lately so I need to tidy up.
My whimsy flower boxes. 
 I found this rusty wagon in someone else's trash by the road.  So, I planted a small garden in it. 

My husband will get this all in shape with the electric blower.  Not sure I could handle it. 
So, break time is over, time to get busy.


Julia said...

Yes, there comes a time when we have to downsize and just do what is absolutely necessary.

I hope that you will find the right condo in your neighbourhood and be happy there.

I love gardening so much and I'm not sure I would fare well in a condo. I need soil to grow things in, lol.


Kimberly said...

I like your little red wagon. I hope you find a condo and sell your house quickly. You are always so busy!

Susie said...

Debby, You know we count our blessings where and when we can. You were blessed that the flat tire didn't happen while you were hauling kids. And that someone was able to help you and your husband. I just said the other day. I do not even know where my jack is or if I would even want to try to bother with it. LOL. Stay safe and not get all worked up and make your self crazy...that what you have for. Just kidding LOL. But please do take it easy. We, your friends, care.xoxo,Susie

Carla from The River said...

Sending prayers your way.
I love your red wagon, it all looks so cute.
xx oo

NanaDiana said...

OH, yes, Debby! Pace yourself. It can get overwhelming. I am excited for you but also worried because of all the work involved. I know it will be fine-it is just getting things to rights for the sale.

How did the MRI turn out? I certainly hope your health improves when you get moved and your life slows down a bit.

How far is the condo from where you live now? xo Diana

Blondie's Journal said...

You are really going through a hard time now but be confident that things will improve. Everything should be uphill from now, right?? You are so lucky everything turned out all right with that tire...someone is on your side.

All the best in finding your new year this will all be a far away memory.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

That's scary to have a blow out but I'm glad you are OK! Hope you find the perfect condo soon. It's a challenge to downsize but worth it and so much easier to take care of. Enjoy your weekend! Hugs!

Musings from Kim K. said...

One of my biggest fears is a blow-out with the girls. I'm glad all turned out ok in the end. Best wishes with all your real estate happenings. Hugs!

vivian said...

I had a tire blow out once just as I had pulled into a dr.s office! scared the bejeebers out of me! sounded just like a gunshot. speaking of gunshots, in the city there has been someone shooting at cars the last few weeks.. very scarey that someone would do that and that they havent found him yet.. I dont think anyone has been killed.. but can you imagine?
Have a great weekend Deb.. Im off to get grocerys and do some garage sale hopping!

pogonip said...

I know that your real estate adventures will turn out exactly as you need. There are the perfect buyers out there for your home. And a great little condo, perfect for two, will come your way. So pace yourself and know that your next move will happen in its own time, which will turn out to be exactly the right time. Meanwhile, stay safe, Deb, while you enjoy the adventure. I can't wait to hear what the next chapter brings.

Vicki Chrisman said...

SUPER cute stuff! Love seeing our flower beds. Adore that little camper so much! I just planted in my little wagon just like that:)

Kamao Poot said...

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