Sunday, December 15, 2013

Santa/Christmas Banner from Genie

My Colorado grandkids at the Aquarium in Denver.  They took the little guy for his 4th birthday.  He is the little guy that was so sick.  I asked if his hair was cut short.  His mom said that it was so dry there that it wasn't curly.  My granddaughter donated her hair this summer to Locks Of Love.  She has beautiful hair.  I love that stool my grandson is standing on.  What a good idea.  They had brunch here with Santa.  Santa actually put on a scuba suit and dove into the water.  He would swim up to the windows and wave to the kids.  Wouldn't that be fun.  I sure miss these guys.  I usually don't go this long without a visit.  We had a month together in June and they are coming for 10 days after Christmas.  I can't wait

This is the banner I posted about in my last post.  Somehow the picture disappeared when the post was published.  Here it is, isn't it great.
The tags are wooden.  Genie is the sweetest person. foot is better.  Not a fracture but still haven't heard about the blood work.  I have been off of it a lot the last few that helps.
It is really cold here.  The temp. was 22 but it felt like -22 when we were out.  It was windy and no sun.  It is to snow again tonight.  We had snow Friday eve, then freezing rain last night.  everything is coated in ice and slippery.
Mr. Cozy asked that I ask for more prayers for Deb, the lady he works with.  I didn't say a lot in my first post about her because she reads this blog.  When she went to the ER for what she thought was the flu, they ended up finding cancer in her colon and her liver.  Then before she could be dismissed from the hospital her lungs started filling with fluid.  She was readmitted on Friday to intensive care with pneumonia in both lungs.  Please pray for her.  I can't believe that this only started 4 weeks ago.  We feel that it could have been the flu in the beginning because of the lung involvement.  This sounds so like my cousin.
I can't believe how close Christmas is.  I ordered most of my gifts online.  I have a few small gifts to get but for the most part I am done.  I have two wrapped....a ways to go on that.  I don't feel any rush to finish up which is a good thing.  No stress either....for the most part.  I have only put out 1/2 of our decorations and I am fine with that.  Less is best , I have decided.
So carry on my friends.  Don't stress out over the date on the calendar.  It all gets done anyway.  Please pray for Deb.  I have another friend in need but I will post another time.
Happy Holidays.


Musings from Kim K. said...

I love the idea of not stressing over the holidays. I haven't done any of our Christmas cards yet. Not a single present has been wrapped either. It'll all get done, but it's not worth losing sleep. Prayers coming your way. Enjoy your upcoming visit with your beautiful grands.

Lutka And Co. said...

Adorable Santa photo. Sending prayers for your friend.

E said...

What a great picture, my niece took the twins of course they were afraid, and so she held one, her friend the other, Santa seemed very interested in the big girls ... a bit creepy he was :) Glad you get to see the CO grands soon. I did answer the note you left me, I think I emailed it, or maybe a fb msg so hope you got it and I posted on my blog first time since july ! Merry Merry Christmas and a special prayer to your friend, Elaine

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

Praying for your friend... so sad.

I'm glad your foot is on the mend!

The banner is darling. The grand children will enjoy it!

NanaDiana said...

I am so sorry about your hubby's co-worker. I will certainly say a prayer for her.

Your little ones are so cute, Debby. I know you will be so happy to have them there after Christmas. That is a long time between visits but I do understand how that happens. I have been trying to get caught up visiting. There is just so much going on here all the time.

Hope you have a peaceful week- xo Diana

vivian said...

sweet little faces and yes, how cool a scuba diving santa!
I still have stuff to do and buy.. but the finances are dwindling... now my car is in the shop! yikes!
have a great week my friend

Susie said...

Debby, Glad you are better. Your look so sweet with Santa. I will pray for Deb....sounds so scary for her and her family. Blessings to you Debby and your loved ones. xoxo,Susie

Barb said...

What very cute Grand children. So very sad about your husband's work partner. It makes one realize how great an ordinary day really is! I will say a prayer for her.