Friday, August 2, 2013

Shirley Temple and friends

I have always wanted a Shirley Temple doll.  Not any one in particular, just a cute one.  The reason being that I named my daughter after  Shirley Temple's movie Heidi.  I always said that I wanted a little girl with brown eyes and brown curly hair.  And that's just what I got.  Although when she was little she looked more like Lucy in Charlie Brown.  On our trip this summer we saw a Lucy cookie jar with the desk and the sign that said advice 5 cents.  Oh that fits my daughter, since she is a counselor.  I may have to find one for her for Christmas.  Okay back to Mom also talks about having a ST doll.  My brother destroyed hers after saving she saved it for many years. 
Last week-end I went to my second doll auction.  My first one was for Barbies.  I have one of the first Barbies and Ken dolls.  I never got into Barbies, I liked the baby dolls better.  At the first auction I just sat there in awe.  The prices of dolls and accessories went so high.  Accessories were off the chart.  We have a beautiful auction center really close to where I live.  So many were collectors or vendors, I should say.  Well, last Friday I went to a vintage/antique doll auction looking for a Shirley Temple doll.  I really thought I wouldn't be able to get one because of the high bids.  They had so many many.  They had several ST dolls.  Some were very old with composition faces.  They were deteriorating and the hair on most very messy.  I found an article that talked about how children were told to brush and style her wonder they had messy hair.  Some of the dolls were scary.    When this one came up I knew I was going to bid on her.  She is around the 1957 age range with a tagged original dress, shoes and socks.  She has a pin on her that says Shirley Temple.  One lady had bid on everyone one of the ST dolls plus alot of others.  She had probably spent around $2,000 at that point.  She was bidding against me.  Then the bidding stopped and all of a sudden the auctioneer pointed to me and said "SOLD".  I think I yelled out loud........"I got one."  The auctioneer smiled and said he was glad to see someone get so excited over her purchase.  The others just sit there straight faces and quiet.  I didn't plan on being that excited really.  I guess I didn't think I would get one.  Isn't she a beauty.  I love her face.  She is in excellent condition.  I don't want to be one that fills my house with dolls .  My dolls have to mean something.  I still have a few from my childhood.
This little cutie was an accident.  The bid was so low that I bid on it.  I was talking away to someone and I ended up with her.  She is old....Madame Alexander......with walking legs.  Not sure about the dress as it isn't tagged.  Shoes are original.  She is in good condition.  Sorry for the blurry picture.
This last one is from Erika at The Golden Egg.  She has a market on her blog.  When I saw her for $9, I couldn't resist.  Her head is wobbly and she isn't in great condition.  Not crazy about her outfit but she is so sweet.
Although I won't be buying any more dolls for awhile until I get my "trip" paid for......I can't wait til the next auction. 
Thanks for reading this long post.  I get a little long winded.  I have babysat for three days in a row for at 10 hours each day.  Today I am resting.  Have a great week-end my friends.  The Route 127 longest yard sale is going on.  I won't be going as it's around 2 1/2 hours just to connect to the sale.  I hope some of you do and post about it.


Susie said...

Okay Debby,I'll bring my tea set and we can play dollies and have a tea party.:):) I love you little dolls. Yes, some old dolls are kind of scary looking. But yours are cute.xoxo,Susie

Nan said...

This is so fun buying dolls like this. I'm with you I love dolls but I don't want a house full of them. In fact it's hard to find a place for those I have. My MA's are in their blue boxes in my closet. I'm funny about things, once I get what I want then in a few years I can let it go. I did that with my Sonia Henie MA doll. Bought her at a show then some years later sold her on Ebay. The little MA you bought I have a couple like her w/o boxes and the original clothing that came with them is gone I got them on Ebay. They are little cuties but I could let them go if I had a buyer.

Art and Sand said...

Ginny dolls were my favorite. All my dolls and my sister's dolls are at my sister's house. As is my mother's collection that goes back to the early 1900's. We need to look into doing something with the dolls and all of the accessories that we have.

Have fun with your doll.

Kimberly said...

I love the Shirley Temple doll. She looks perfect. Enjoy your day and I hope you find a special place for them.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Wow you did get one and what a beauty she is too. She looks brand new and is beautiful to say the least.
I am so happy for you. I could just see you when you won. haha
Dolls are just wonderful and I love the few I still have but never had the Shirley Temple one either.
Hope you are well. I am still down with this darn stomach virus. Hopefully being the fifth day it is almost over with.

NanaDiana said...

Congratulations on finally getting a ST doll. She is beautiful and in great condition. Those other dolls are great, too. Blessings and I hope you have a great weekend-xo Diana

Julia said...

Congratulations Debby on your successful bid for the ST doll. She sure is in great condition. Enjoy your cute dolls.

I used to play with doll but the thing that I love the best was to sew up some outfits for them on my mom's old treadle sewing Singer sewing machine. I even stuck the needle in my finger once but it never stopped me from wanting to make doll clothes.


Art and Sand said...

I copied my e-mail and pasted it here. As soon as I hit send on my response to your e-mail, I got a notice that it bounced back.

We put a deposit down on a Goldendoodle yesterday. We are 6th on the wait list and get to select our new puppy next Saturday. If we don't find one we love, there is another litter available in 2 more weeks. Steve is so sad to not have a dog that he couldn't wait. We are tossing names around and reading up on raising a puppy which we have never done.

thanks so much for asking

Blondie's Journal said...

Good for you, Debby! The doll is beautiful and in great condition. I can understand your excitement. A lady up the street is a huge doll collector. She gave me a tour of her house once...dolls posed in every single room, on every surface. It was spooky!

We caught The Worlds Longest Yard Sale a few years ago up in was so much fun, the area we were in was mostly barn sales and we found some great things!

Have a good weekend!


Lutka And Co. said...

Your dolls are all adorable! You did good at the auction :)

A Little Creation said...

Nothing wrong with being excited! It means that you will enjoy your doll more than the the other people.
Chris =]

vivian said...

I lots of dolls, though none of any value.. just old loved dolls. also most of them are very small dolls.
Oh Debby, the truth is, I just have a whole lotta dumb stuff! LOL!
have a great weekend!

PatC - All is Bright said...

Love your new dolls especially the last one. The one for $9. She just melts my heart! By the way, Heidi was my favorite ST movie!

Have a wonderful week!

Sweet hugs


Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

Your 3 dolls are all so sweet! I just recently introduced our oldest granddaughter to Shirley Temple via youtube videos, and now she wants to sing Animal Crackers in My Soup whenever she visits. :)

Musings from Kim K. said...

I'm so happy for you! You know I love dolls and I'm glad you were the high bidder for your Shirley Temple doll. My mother's 70th birthday is this weekend and I'm giving her a set of Ginny doll furniture and a Ginny doll. Things from her childhood and it makes me happy to give them to her again. Hugs!

chris mckinley said...

So glad your finally got your Shirley doll! She's just lovely!!!

Donna said...

What great treasures you found at the auction! I think I have that same Shirley Temple doll, though mine isn't in nearly as good of shape as yours is. Mine belonged to one of my cousins, and I "inherited" it when she was too old to play with dolls. Guess some of us are never really too old though for dolls:)!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Oh my! You did so good finding and buying those dolls! They are beautiful and so collectible! I love all dolls and these really are special! I'm so happy for work hard and deserve some pretty things for yourself! Sweet hugs!