Thursday, June 6, 2013

June is for bride and grooms

I know my friend Claudia collects bride and grooms.  What sweet things to collect.  I have always wanted to have my parents.  My Mom kept saying I could some day.  Finally after coaxing every time I go to her house, she said to go ahead and take it.  It doesn't stand on it's own so I put it in a cup and saucer that belonged to my great grandparents.  Aren't they just the cutest.  The grooms hat is tattered.  But yours would be too if you were first used in 1945.    The picture is dark but the ones that I used a flash on didn't show the details as well. 
The little kissing angels were on our wedding cake.  The bride's wings are a little broken.  Wouldn't you know, mine.  I had real flowers on the top of my cake.  The plastic bride and groom are a little of a mystery.  I recently found them in a box of my things from my wedding.  I don't know where it came from.  Maybe from a gift or another cake, not sure but glad to have it.  It's rather cute, I think.  The others are precious moments and a teddy bear music box.  I didn't even realize I had all of these.  and.......the china cabinet was my grandmothers.  It is a very dark stained cherry.  Probably mass produced but still probably at least 100 years old.  I have been wanting to paint it but worried about ruining the value.  I painted the back of the shelves a minty green/blue.  I really like it and may go ahead and paint the whole cabinet at a later date.  So there you have it ......another collection.  Happy June, brides.  (I got married in October, how about you?)

I arrived safely in Colorado.  I slept the whole way.  So far my grands
.have been teaching me to dance and do yoga.  I have been playing Battleship.  We celebrated my SIL `s  birthday. Right now one is having a mini melt down.  So I must attend to that.  I will be back.


Susie said...

Debby, Mini melt-down :):) usually they are huge. I loved your sweethearts collection. I was married in June... along , long time ago.xoxo,Susie

Dewena Callis said...

We too were married in October! But June has got to be the most beautiful month for weddings. I know it means so much to you to have your parents' wedding cake topper. We didn't think to have a bride and groom for our wedding cake although I still have the top layer in our freezer after 51 years! Yours is a sweet collection. (BTW, my post today is a happy anniversary post to our son and daughter-in-law! Theirs was a lovely June day and I think I'm still recovering from all the work I did giving the bridesmaids' luncheon--7 years ago!)

Karen Mary Butterfly said...

I love your parent's bride and groom. So sweet. Little Kewpie faces! I was married in October too! October 21 St. Sounds like the grand-kids are keeping you busy!

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

Aren't they adorable!! How nice that they're finally added to your collection.

Julia said...

Debby, I'm glad that you arrived safely to yor destination and could sleep on the plane. Your bride collection is real cute.

Oh,oh, a grandkid meltdown sound serious enough for grandma to pick up the pieces and calm the little one.

Take care, it will be good to return home to your renovated house.

Gina said...

What sweet mementos! They are adorable.

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

It's a beautiful collection! I love your parent's topper.
Happy June!
Erica :)

Edna B said...

My hubby and I got married in October too. We did it twice. Once on a bridge in a park (Oct. 3), then we went away for a few days. On Oct 13, we did it all over again in a building, with a reception and everything for our family and friends. I think October is an excellent month for a wedding.

I love your collection. Your mom's cake topper is so sweet. You have a wonderful vacation. Hugs, Edna B.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Love your collection. I got married twice on June 24th in '72 and '89. We actually were divorced for six years.
Hope you have the best of times with your grandchildren.

Gretchen said...

I love your wedding topper. I was a June bride the second time around and I think it's been lucky for me.

Have fun in Colorado but don't hurt yourself with all that dancing and exercising.