Saturday, May 11, 2013

Heartfelt and Handmade Mothers Day gifts

I made this little fairy garden for my mother.  We will travel to our home town to visit our Moms tomorrow.  It is also Hubby's mom's birthday.  She is in the nursing home and probably won't know us.  She may even tell us to leave.  But that's okay.  Just maybe she will know that we were there.  One hint when making the garden.......water the garden down good before adding the decorations.

I had my DIL take pictures of the baby I watch.  I put one  in this frame.  I did nothing to the frame except glue down this piece of a quilt square that her grandmother 10 years ago appliqued the heart on. I added the buttons to cover the glue.  We were taking a class together when she died.  Yes I did save it all this time.  The baby's mom was thrilled  with it all.
flowers from my son.  The tulips are from my daughter.
A couple weeks ago we took our granddaughters to Home Depot to make a Mothers 
Days gift.  So cute.
Happy Mothers Day everyone.  (((((HUGS)))))


Loretta said...

Hi Debby, love love the fairy garden.
The frame is such a the heart. Such a touching lasting gift! Your gift is also lovely. Have a safe trip to seeing your Moms!
Hope you have a Happy Day also! Loretta xx

Tammy's in Love said...

I was just in Google images last nite studying Fairy Gardens! I bought a vintage kid-size red wheel barrow and that's the plan! That little dolly of yours is the cutest, what a perfect little mouth!

Julia said...

How thoughtful of you to make a fairy garden with a wee house for your mom. I hope that she likes it and I hope that she will appreciate your visit and will be having a good day.

Cute baby frame. I like the buttons idea. Very cute.
The girls sure look like they are having fun making their gifts.

Happy Mother's Day Debby.

Blondie's Journal said...

Debby, have a wonderful Mother's Day wit your two moms! The fairy garden is so cute and your visits will mean even more. I just love the frames and your creativeness!


Genie Robinson said...

Hope all goes well on your trip. I am surviving...staying busy here at the house, Went back into work M-W for test and then a 1/2 day on Thursday before I gave out, I just cannot do it. I will go only 2 days next week...Tues and Thursday. Buddy working a good bit at the ABC store.Happy Mom's Day to you, cutie pie. genie

Kimberly said...

Happy Mother's Day, Debby! I love the fairy garden. So cute. Maybe I will try to make one for myself.

Enjoy your day!

Musings from Kim K. said...

Last year, we made a toadstool garden but I still want to make a fairy garden with Josie. Your garden is precious. What a fun gift for your mom. Precious pictures of your granddaughters making gifts. Wish you a blessed Mother's day!

Nan said...

Gee I haven't been visiting in awhile. Happy Mother's Day. I notice your photos are larger and more clean here lately, maybe you are using a new camera. The fairy garden is really really cute I love that!!

Winkel's Crazy Ideas said...

What a beautiful little fairy garden you have made, love it! And the little picture frame for baby too. Mother`s day comes at a different date here. Made my mum a case for her knitting needles. Hope you have a lovely week, Pam xx

Carlene @ Organized Clutter said...

I am making another fairy garden this year too. They are fun! Love the baby's photo in the cute frame.