Monday, April 29, 2013

Recap of a busy week

Last week ended up being busy for me.  Lots of little people to look after.  This cute baby is my new nanny job.  She and her six year old brother.......the one wearing the glasses.  Their grandmother was my best friend but died suddenly 10 years ago.
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I watched these cuties on Friday.  On Saturday I watched several children for a women's church group function.  Then yesterday I went with Doodle and her mama to an in home had a sundae bar.  These markers for the sundae treats came from Michaels.......4  for $1Earlier I wasn't able to finish this post.  So I will try again.  I wanted to tell you some good news.  My granddaughter's other grandmother, GiGi, got a clean bill of health on her cancer.  She has to go back every couple of months for tests but this was quite a milestone.  I just saw her today at the grocery store and she looked amazing.  She was a little thinner but she looked good for all the chemo and radiation that she has had. 
Have a great week, my bloggy friends.


Kimberly said...

I can tell you love the "little ones". Hope your having a good Monday.

Susie said...

The baby sure looks happy Debby. I know you like those little guys. :):) The sundae bar was interesting. Hope you are having nicer weather. xoxo,Susie

Loretta said...

They are all cutie-pies! Hope you are doing well...Have a fantastic Monday!
Loretta XO

Julia said...

They sure add sugar flavor to your life but keep you busy just the same.
You're someone very special

Marissa said...

Sweet pictures!

CraveCute said...

What cuties! I'm doing a giveaway on my blog that might interest you as a scrapbooker. Just follow to enter. Have a great week. ~~Diane

Blondie's Journal said...

Good for's nice to hear a positive story about someone with cancer.

You've had your hands full but all of these kiddos are adorable! That sundae bar looks like so much fun, wish I had been there! ;-D


Carly said...

What fun! Lots of smiles while with little ones!
xoxo Carly

Jo said...

Sundae Bars are the best!