Saturday, November 3, 2012

Lost money

I have hesitated posting about this.  But here goes.  I bet you are wondering where this post is headed.  Not at all where you think.
Five weeks ago we were meeting my son and his family downtown in our village for breakfast.  I had Doodle with me.  I dropped Mr. Cozy off since his hip was hurting so he wouldn't have to walk so far.  I didn't expect to find a parking spot too close to the place we were meeting.  There was so much going on that day.  Denison parents week-end. their homecoming, our HS homecoming, The Farmers Market and an antique fair.  (All downtown)  Well, I found a parking place right near the Farmers Market and close to the restaurant.  I thought "Wow what luck."  I hopped out and went around the other side of the car to let Doodle out of the backseat.  On the way I looked down and in the grass there was a folded wad of money.  I thought it wasn't real money.  There was a $100 bill on the outside.  I picked it up and looked around.  I didn't count it but knew there was more than one $100 bill.  With my CSI training (hah) I noted that the wad was warm on top and just a little damp on the bottom.  It had rained the night before so I knew then that it had only been there a short time.  Like I said I didn't count the money.  I got Doodle out of the back seat and we walked to meet Mr. Cozy.  He was sitting outside and I walked up and handed him the money.  He saw the first bill and I can't even begin to describe the look on his face.  He looked at me like I was going to be in big trouble or something.  He counted it and I told him where I found it.  I was trying to decide what to do with it as I walked to meet him.  I thought about taking it to the entrance of the Farmers Market where they have a table with information on....a real estate company's table.  So it a matter of a couple minutes Mr. Cozy said that I should take it to the police station.  I agreed and off Dodddle and I went.  We walked on over to the police actually looks like a little closet on the side of a building.  I walked in and told the lady at the window that I had found it and turned it over to her.  She said that she would put it in their safe and would keep it until the person that lost it showed up.  She said they didn't have this happen alot....someone bringing in alot of money they found.  She took down my information.  Doodle and I went back to Mr. Cozy and the other family members were there by then.  (My husband hates my long stories......hope you are still following this one)  On with the day........but I did have fun talking about he money that was in my hands less that a half hour.  When we got home after breakfast and Goose's soccer game the police station called.  The lady said that she found out that if no one claimed it after 30 days I could keep the money.  Hmmmmm, no way someone wouldn't come forward.
After two weeks I called to see if someone claimed it.  Hoping for their sakes they had.  I know loosing that kind of money would have devastated me.  Money is just money but someone would have to miss this much.
I was careful about saying the amount and talking about it to everyone.  Just in case, hah.
Off to Colorado and then home again.  I called on Monday and they gave me a run around at the police station.  Oh I need to check with so and so and see if it is still there or with so and so to see what the policy is.  I didn't like the tone.  This officer said he would call me the next day sometime after 3 p.m.
So it's the next day and I had lunch with a friend and happened to be at the post office at exactly 3 p.m. and just happened to have to park in front of the police station closet.  So I trucked on in and told them who I was.  A couple of officers casually strolled by.  They said they would have to see if it was still there.  The lady at the desk, someone different, asked a bunch of questions about me.....then went to her computer to check me out.  30 minutes in most police stations this wouldn't be alot of time but in ours nothing was going on.  They finally came out with the wad and counted it in front of me.  A comment was made about the amount and then just handed it to me.  I dropped it all.  The officer said he should come out and pick it up and keep it another 30 days for me to claim.  So I walked out with this money that wasn't mine but not important enough for someone else to try to find it.  We think that the person in the same parking place dropped it when they reached into their pocket to get their keys out.  Just thinking.........  They could have been from out of town and didn't realize where they lost it. 
So what do I learn in this process?  Hubby and I said that we wouldn't turn it into the police station or into someone Else's hands.  We would if we ever, not likely, would have this happen again.  We would search for the owner somehow on our own.  It seems like the police had a hard time giving that money to me.  They made me feel ......oh I don't know........but not like an honest person.
So one day later I was sad.   I posted that I was sad but that the kids in the Halloween parade cheered me up.  I was sad for the person that lost this money, I was so sad about all the people in NJ and NY that had lost everything.  Just sad.  I didn't expect all of you that to express concern over me saying I was sad.  The post was to be more about the parade.
What am I going to do with the money.  I am going to give some of it to Red Cross for the Sandy victims.  Not sure about the rest,
Now for sticking to this story for so long............I will send a little gift to the person that guesses how much money I found.  Just something little.  If no one guesses the little gift will go to the closest guess.  You have to be a follower and you can be a new one.  I don't even know what this gift will be be.  So leave a comment with your guess.  This is the only time I will post this.  I will choose in a few days.
Wow, that was a long story........


NanaDiana said...

Wow, Debby- I read every word. What an amazing story. I am glad that it went to you because you did the right thing.
Now here is one more idea to add to the scenario. It could have been some illicit money-meant for drugs-meant for "pay off" of something or someone and the person did not come forward because it was not "honest" money. That happens more than we would like to think.

Blessings to you- I am not even going to guess but I suspect it was a bit. I will let someone else enjoy a sweet gift from you- xo Diana ps. I DID wonder what you were sad about the other day and I think I commented on it-

Susie said...

Debby, You are so funny. The police should have ran an ad in the paper...saying money found, not where or how much , then the owner could tell their story. I pray it was someone rich...Just in case...I'll say 700.LOL. Smiles, Susie

Nan said...

I think it was 1000. I agree the police honesty route did not work the best. When it comes to loosing money people never expect to find it again so don't really go asking or looking. Maybe this person had so much they didn't care if they lost it too. Nan

Kimberly said...

sweet of you to donate to the red cross. Now what would have happened to the money if you didn't keep checking? I will say .......... 600.00.

pogonip said...

What a great idea to make the lost money do some good!

When we find something, we post on Craigslist. And that's where I look when I lose something. It's a great and easy resource!

Junebug said...

I'm thinking if it was honest money someone would be looking for it. Folded up like that leads me to believe drug money. Guessing $900.

Julia said...

I love your long story and I'm glad that you got the money. I'm very disappointed at the way the police handled the claim. They didn't seemed professional. I wonder what their procedure is on this sort of thing.

Maybe they are not used to deal with honest people, including themselves...hehehe

Just for fun I would guess $800.00 You don't need to give me anything either.


Good for you for doing the right thing! I found some money outside of an estate sale..can't remember the exact amount, but not ALOT and I kept it...then later wonder if I did the right thing! It didn't belong to the estate company or the estate folks...someone who went to the sale...and dropped it by the street...
I'm not going to guess...that is cool that you are donating some!
Don't be sad any more! Do something very special or have an extra great Christmas...or save it for a rainy day!

Gina said...

That's quite a good story. You did the right thing turning it in, now you can have no guilt about getting to keep it. I think it's a super idea to donate some to the Red Cross. Enjoy the rest!!

Jane said...

Well, Debby, your long story was really interesting! Sorry the lost money made you feel sad. You know it probably wasn't a woman because it would've been in her purse, not just loose! It's good that you tried to get it back to the owner, and now you can feel all right about using it. Good to donate some and then think of something special for the rest :) Probably the police just aren't used to people turning in found money, so they didn't have an exact procedure. I'm glad the lady called you to tell you about the 30 days!
Now my response is about as long as your story - haha! I forgot to even guess how much, but that's okay. Blessings! Jane

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

First good for you for being so honest, and Boo to the police for making you feel bad. I know that they don't often get that kind of money turned in but still, what's wrong with giving you some credit.

I am with Diana, I have the feeling it must be illicit gains somewhere, otherwise why wouldn't the police hear from someone.

I am thinking it's $1000 dollars also, but I don't need anything either.

I love that you are making a donation to the Red Cross, at lot of good will come from that. A lot of grateful people will be helped.


Blondie's Journal said...

I was wondering what was making you so sad that day, Debby. I wouldn't have known what to do with the money. You are so generous to donate it. I don't even want to guess the should treat yourself to a little gift for all the trouble you have gone through.


Sue said...

I could never win because I already knew! The husband and I were very happy to hear that you got to keep the money. Don't blame the entire dept. for the stupidity and unprofessionalism of a few officers and office staff. The job breeds a lot of cynicism and honesty amongst citizens is often questioned. You deserve kudos AND the money. So glad you're donating some to charity, but you'd better save some for our shopping outing! Hugs, Sue

Debbie said...

Hi Debby,
When my Mom passed away 3 1/2 weeks ago and I couldn't go because of finances, I wished some money would fall from the sky, so I could go. Maybe it found the other Debby in Ohio instead of me...LOL.
I am going to guess $1200.00. It is great that you are giving some to others who need it.

God Bless~

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

What were the chances that someone like YOU found the money vs a group of teenage boys (etc) that wouldn't have turned it in??? Thank goodness it was you.
My guess was $900, but I think someone said that.
Bless you for doing the right thing, and for thinking of others!
Now go buy yourself something cute!
Erica :)

Genie said...

Debby...This is an unbelievable story, and you being the good person you are did everything you could have done. I, too, feel say for the person who lost the money, but like you is just money...we are having less and less, but that is life for os many of us. I am going to guess 1200.00, but if I were to be right I still want you to give it all to the Red Cross. Am off to UVA this week and then Buddy runs his first marathon on Saturday. Eloise is planning a celebration for when it is over. Cannot wait to see her and to see him FINALLY run his race. Love you...genie

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

The folks at the police station were maybe hoping you wouldn't come back for the money. If I lost money, I doubt I would go to the police station to look for it. I might ask at the store or event where I lost it, but I would assume that whoever found it would keep it.

I think some people who don't have bank accounts probably do carry a lot of cash after they cash their checks. I once saw a lady drop a wad of money out of her pants pocket ahead of me in line at Wal-Mart or somewhere like that. Luckily we were able to catch her before she "got away" and give it back to her.

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

I am not going to guess Debby, but what a story! Who knows how or why it was lost but you should feel good that you were so honest. So great of you to give to the suffering victims of Sandy who need it right now.~Hugs, Patti

Donna said...

Debby, You did the right thing. What they think doesn't matter. :)

You are such a special person. Thanks for being one of the very few people who actually asked where I was.

I got about 3 queries. That was it. That probably was the main reason i didn't feel motivated to keep blogging. Like so much of the online world, the friendships aren't as real as they appear.

Guess we are all too busy. Thank you for asking after me, even though I didn't reply. I felt bad about that I can assure you. xo Donna

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Hi Debby- I just found your blog (on a sidebar of another blog...I think 'Across the Way'...anyway. I wanted to tell you my story. I found cash once. I decided to report it. My teen daughter was with me and we were in a WM parking lot. She and I just the night before had watched a special on 20/20 J.Quinois and he talked about how people react to found money or items of value... So I took this opportunity to 'teach' my daughter.(at first she was upset with me; but I told her, 'that could be all the money left from cashing their check') So she calmed down.
I went into the Customer Service desk at WM; gave the lady my name and cell phone number. Told her I found and undisclosed amount of money (I never said how much) and that if someone called to claim it; I had no problems meeting them at Walmart to return it...if they could tell me how much it was. I also told her, I'd be here shopping if they called back soon.
Shortly after...with in the dairy section my cell phone rang. It was the WM clerk. She told me that someone was funny, because while I was on the phone with her, I could hear her talking to the person on the other line. She told me how much and the configuration of bills...she asked if I still had it and If I'd meet the person at customer service... I said, yes.
When I met the young lady who was in her mid to late 20's... you know what she said to me?
"I can't believe someone would turn in lost money. Thank you. That's all the money I have left from my check."
My daughter's mouth fell open. :D

I told my daughter and the young lady... yes, you believed...or would have never called WM customer service to inquire if you're money had been returned.
There are still faithful, believing, and honest people in the world. For my daughter-lesson learned.

Nice to meet you. Pat

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I would have been honest too but not sure about the police station either. I love that you are going to give some of it to the Red Cross, that's a great idea.

Cozy Little House said...

I'm just going to throw out oh, $500. Men just don't like long stories. I was riveted, on the other hand. I thought what was going to end up happening was that the police would say someone claimed it and then pocket it themselves. Bet they thought long and hard about it.

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Ok, if you say so....$1400.~Patti

Little Susie Home Maker said...

I see you were being honest and wonder why the police made you feel like a bad guy? Maybe they wanted the money for themselves. If I lost any money I would know it right away, and would be devastated to lose 100 or more! I wonder why someone would carry that much cash? I hope it was not someones rent or something like that. I really pray it was somebody who had lots of money to spare. I do know that my niece does use a cash only system, and does not use a checking account or credit cards. It is the best way for her to budget her money being a single mom of two young girls. I really think you did what you thought best at the time. Not sure where I would have thought to take it. I pray I would have found the person that lost it, but the Sandy Hurricane victims would be a great opportunity for you to share this money with, what a wonderful idea! I guess $800 for you.
Bless you,

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What an amazing story and what a wonderful person you are. You will be blessed, my friend. God knows all and I hope you don't ever feel sad any more. I feel weird guessing...but I will! heehee! Was it $250? Sweet hugs!

Anonymous said...

I'm just incredibly proud of you because you did the right thing, and the police had a very wrong attitude, and that is indeed sad. For them. Not you. You did right and that's all that matters.

Ellie VanCaster said...

Hi Debby-
What a great story. I do understand your feelings because I talk alot too. Heard plenty of those kind of comments before. I just believe it makes us good story tellers or should I say bloggers.
We loved your site so we signed up to follow you.
Thanks, Ellie, Jada & Scully

Art and Sand said...

I had a similar experience to yours, but the police thought I was nuts to turn the money in to them. Their reaction was more of annoyance. Mine was certainly not as much as you probably found. The police kept it for 3 months and called me to come get it. We picked it up the day our son got home from church camp with a broken arm. We let him spend it on a new Lego set since he was going to be sitting around for the first week or so.

I just love hearing stories of people who do the right thing without questioning themselves. I admire you.

Custom Comforts said...

I'm sure you had very mixed feelings about the money. I would have been devastated too if I had lost that much money. I lost my eyeglasses at the Jefferson Outlets and was in a near panic, but someone had turned them in at Pottery Barn. I was so relieved because they were expensive and not paid for yet. Now I keep them much closer to me or on my head :)
Happy spending.

Bethany said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your story. Sadly, the police seemed to forget what a lovely person you are for turning in the $ in the first place. I'm hoping it's $2500, because that would be a wonderful gift to the Red Cross. Take good care.