Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fall Swap Reveal

Fall Swap organized by Karen at Some Days
Are Diamonds.
My partner was Jill Cooper. She sent me this huge sunflower box because she knew I likes sunflowers. Inside were so many goodies. There was a book on country decorating, a big handmade sunflower pin, scrapboooking items, yearn, floss, vintage little cards,
Necco candy, a handmade wool pocket made out of two scrafs, a white pumkin and a box of tea. So much fun, so many nice things. Thanks Karen for organizing all of this.


Sherri B. said...

What a lovely and thoughtful swap, lucky you!

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Daydream Living said...

Hi Debby!
this is funny, I am looking at your blog, and about the same time you write something for me! I'm sorry to read about you burning with a candle, thanks for the warning, cause she can be very quick. Hope you enjoy Halloween today! Oh, and I love your two kitty cats! Hugs from over these huge mountains to you,

Karen said...

WOW! What a load! You had to be very happy opening that one up! :) You shall have a great time working with all your news toys.
Sorry about the problems with the link. I don't know why it did that.
Have a happy Halloween! Karen

Ann said...

Super box, the sunflower is really neat. You really gave some special goodies.

Brenda Kula said...

I haven't done these swaps. Wait, I remember now I did a Halloween one about three years ago.

Cindy said...

Lucky you with this swap! I wish I had been around to do one. They are so fun.
Did you go to the Starbucks at Target at I-36/Church Ranch Blvd? My daughter has worked there longer than anyone else. I suppose someone from the main store could have covered for her break.
Hopefully we can try again nexy month!

Jo said...

I just adore the sunflowers!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Goodness honey you certainly got the right swap partner. Wow what a great package to a great gal who deserves it
Love you sweetie

McCarthy Designs said...

What a great swap, you were very lucky indeed to get a great partner. Thank you for stopping my blog and for leaving such an encouraging comment. I hope that you have a lovely week ahead. xx

Sherry said...

You received a great box in the Fall findings swap. I had a great time with this swap too.