Sunday, October 10, 2010

The day I turned sixty

This day started out with coffee with a bunch of clowns.
No kidding these are my clown friends. Here you see LuLu, Holly Bell (my best friend) Funny Bunny and me.....Petals. This was not a birthday get together. It was a long overdo get together. You see we were all on ClownCil together. We spent many years organizing a Clown Town week-end to teach other clowns how to clown. We are all now "has beens" as in x-Mayor's of Clown Town. We do not need make-up and costumes to have fun. We laughed and laughed. What a fun morning.
Another note......we always call each other our clown names, always.

(OKAY I am not getting the order right, so try to follow along with me)

Here are the kids that I spent the wee hours with and the late day hours. I also had a photo of my co-workers but it didn't download....I will try again. These pictures are not supposed to be clear. Just wanting you to get an idea of what I do each day. Don't you love the flags. Below the flags are pictures that the teachers in the school painted .

That evening we all went downtown for dinner. How cute is this downtown. Even the trash can, hah. You can see that our leaves are finally turning. The store fronts are amazing, aren't they. So much fun just walking down the sidewalk running into people. We saw our adopted son's (he is the one behind me) godparents. They were so excited as their first grandchild was soon to be born....actually she was just hours after we saw them.

Besides our one son and my Hubby and I, you see my DIL and son and my beautiful granddaughters. I wish that my other children and grandchildern could have been here but Colorado and Ohio are a little far away. BUT, I got to talk to all of them. Snow White, Babes and Little Fella all sang to me. Little Fella wished he could have cake with me, hah, and wanted me to save him some.

So this is how my day went. 60 sounds very old to me but I am glad to celebrate this day. 20 years ago, God blessed me with this extra time. Time to enjoy this family and for that I am so thankful.

Today Hubby and I are headed to meet my Mom and cousins for another birthday lunch. We are meeting half way from our homes. It is another beautiful day.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes. (((((HUGS))))


Anonymous said...

HAPPY 60th and welcome to the 'club'. The membership is free and the perks are A+!!!
I'm liking this age myself and you seem to be, too! Live it up!

Hugs in chocolate frosting,

Hilary @ Sweet as June said...

Debby, I hope you had a HAPPY day... and your year ahead is wonderful! :)

Nan said...

Happy Birthday looks like you had a good one. Let me say again 60 is not that old ask any 80 year old. Nan

Beverly @ said...

What a great family photo! That is so sweet. I loved seeing the pictures of the kids and the clown photo. :) Looks like you had a great day!!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

So sorry honey I missed your very special birthday. A very Happy Birthday to you. I see from these pictures how loved you are and how much you guys have fun together. Nothing better than clowns for co workers.
Wish I lived close enough to work with you.
Hope your having a great week and thanks honey for the awesome comment you left me today.
I always get excited when I see you have been to my site


Pam said...

Happy belated birthday! Thank you for visiting my blog. It does seem like there are a lot of Southern bloggers, but not a lot of Ohio ones that I run across. Nice to meet you.