Thursday, August 19, 2010

Catching up

Lots of catching up to do.  I am doing alot better.  The headaches are still here but not as bad.  I feel like such a whiney butt.  I had a sore throat and a bad cough and that has gone away. I am going to get allergy meds today and see if t hat helps.  But, really I am fine.

My Doodle turned 7 a couple weeks ago.  This little girl calls me "Nanny."  Everytime she see me she runs and screams, "  NANNY."  She really makes me feel special.  I watched her from 6 weeks til about 5.  She then went to big school full time.  My heart was broken,  I mean really broken.  But our friendship has continued and we still have such a special bond.  I see her often.  Since my son and his family moved to the town I live in, the distance is the only reason I don't see her more.  She is like a grandchild to me.  She now has a baby brother and I watch him off and on.  I met Doodle and started watching her when my oldest granddaughter was born.  The two of them are very best friends.  So are our families.  We are always included in celebrations and etc.  I just love being a part of Doodle's family and her being a part of ours.  One day I went to pick her up at her big school.  (She was 5)  She ran and screamed and called my name.  Her teacher came up to me and said that she could only hope that someone someday loved her as much as this little girl loved me.  Thank goodness Doodles' grandmas are okay with our realtionship.  They kind of laugh about it.  I tell everyone that someday Doodle will come to get me at my nursing home and take me for rides.  Love this girl.

Okay, moving on, getting so sentimental about my little girl.
Wildlife has been driving my doggies crazy.  They have been barking alot and that hurts my head, alot.  The deer are running through the yard in multiples. 
Now, the latest have been wild turkeys.  They march through the yard one by one to their own little beat.  I have counted at least 20 at a time.  I am sure it is the same flock (is that what you would call them) that I have seen at other places close to our home.  That shocked our dogs for sure.

I start my new job next week.  I am excited. 
Not excited about the early hour part but I am excited.  I thought back and have figuered out for the last 38 years, "
Back to school" has always been a part of these years.  First all my kids, then me working in schools, then watching teachers children and this being my second round at directing, (this time co) an after school program. 
No, I don't get to buy new clothes.  I will have to buy new ones when I ruin the ones I have. (BLEACH,
PAINT, you know kids stuff)  I do get a lanyard with a picture and a special scanning thing to get into school.  I feel really important.  I also have to update classes....

I am headed to the post office to mail swap packages and mail snail mail cards.  (also a swap)
I just love this blogging adventure.  I have met such wonderful people that just "wow" me.  You guys are great.  I just wish I could have lunch with you all someday and give you a great big (((((HUG))))).  Thank you so much for everything.


Le Chateau des fleurs said...

I am glad you are feeling better..7! They grow up so fast! Cute picture of her. I am glad you are going back to work. being busy and work is happiness...
Talking about you on my blog :)
Big hugs

Beverly @ said...

I'm glad you're starting to feel better too! :)
I can't believe you have wild turkey's running through your yard. Being a city girl I think that's kind of cool - but it's probably not to you.
I agree with you about blogging - I've met the most amazing people - I feel so blessed. :)

June said...

Hi Debby,
your Doodles is a darling girl! Yes, you must really miss having her part of your everyday.
It's like when all of the children grow up and you think that life will never be the same...and then they bring home the grandchildren! What a thrill it is!
Thank you for checking out the tea party at my place.

Relyn said...

I adore that she runs screaming to you. I still get misty when I remember my nephew bounding out of the house hollering, "Aunt Relyn. Aunt Relyn!" He's nineteen now and I still get misty.

Nan said...

I had migraines for years but finally after menopause they are gone. I used to use shots of Imitrex. Have you tried any of those drugs which shrink the blood vessels down and the pain stops. They are not pain pills, don't work that way. If you have any suspect of heart disease you can't use those drugs. Did you have an MRI of your head by the way?

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Honey I have been by here several times the last couple of days but have not been able to leave you a comment. Probably on my end but who knows with computers...certainly could not be me. haha
You are special and children see that long before any one else does.
Nanny is a sweet fits you.
Sorry you have been so sick with your headaches. I wish I could help you.
Starting back to work sounds exciting. I am not sure when I will be able to say those words. Their still holding out on letting me return. I understand though I am a liability to my partner in this shape.
Take care

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

I love reading about how special the love of your littles makes you feel. I am always thinking of what a blessing grandparents are to my kids, but it's nice to think of the flip-side, too.

B said...

I'm sorry Debby. I have been offline for a while and didn't know you weren't feeling well. :( I'm glad you are feeling better now though.

You and Doodle are a perfect little pair. How sweet that relationship is. She's very lucky to have you. And your line about her picking you up to take you for rides had me in stitches! :)