Sunday, June 13, 2010

My God Flowers and a my Hypertufa House

First the sunflowers...........I love these flowers.  Every year at our Farmers' Market , people swarm to this guy's stand.  You see people all over town carrying bundles.  Yesterday, I was driving home from getting my dogs' tested for the illness I had (campylobactor, same thing as K. Bug had)
AND my car drove by the market.  I thought only IF I can find a close spot.  Still so little energy......and it was my first day out in a week other than the doctors.  So no spot that I could see.  SO, I decided to go down the alley and just see if I could find a place.  Would you believe I found one, the only one, behind the flower stand ,with only the sidewalk between us.  SCORE.  SO these are God's flowers, because he knew I need some "happy" flowers yesterday and because we have such beauty in this world we live in.

Now the little house........yesterday I saw that there was an Art/Wine Festival at the Bryn Du Mansion that is about a mile from me.  It was a miserable hot, humid rainy day yesterday so I decided to attempt going today.   I went, parked and walked.  I didn't get too far and felt like maybe this hadn't been a good idea.  I got a lemon shake and headed for home.  I didn't see half of what was there but I found my hyperfufa artist.  Same houses that I had seen at the garden center.....1/3 the price.  I bought one of the smallest ones in hopes to make a fairy garden.  Isn't it cute.  It was so hard to decide.  The artrist lives like 10 miles away so just in case I WANT another one.  Yes, not a need. 
Anyway, I love the house and don't even feel guilty.
So, the week-end wasn't a wash.  I feel better, just working on the strength thing now.  It has been an emotional week-end.  But things will get better.  Due to the one terrible side effect of this illness (temporary paralysis included a ventilater - 15% chance) my daughter and her little ones from Colorado have cancelled their trip here.  We are very sad but not willing to take that chance.  Hubby and I may go there next month.  He hasn't met his new grandson yet and he is 6 months old. 
Well, my dear friends, I hope you have had a fun and restful week-end.   ((((HUGS))))


Sherri B. said...

Newborns can be kind of just ...blobs. When you get to see the baby it will have some sort of a personality and you can really enjoy the vist. ( I always try to look at something a different way when I can't do anything about it even if I know I am just kidding myself). Love the flowers from The Lord!

Anonymous said...

Love the flowers. Sounds like you are beginning to feel better and I am glad of that. Your little house is so cute. Hugs

Sherri B. said...

Hi again. Thanks for you comment today. I got your comment yesterday, you left it on the Little House blog and I got it as I always check both. Thanks.

Julie Harward said...

Your little house is darling and I love the flowers too! Have a nice day :D

Beverly @ said...

I love that little house. I can't wait to see your fairy garden. I'm very glad you're on the mend - but take it easy! You don't want to rush anything. :)

Creative Breathing said...

Hi Debby, I'm sitting her visiting when I need to clean house for my husband's return this evening. No he is not a pilot, he is a flight attendant. Our salary is VERY modest as a result! I shop at the local Wal Mart and Krogers. That's it! I save my change to purchase the wonderful finds on Etsy. You are right! The garage sales are just awful in our area! I do love the things that you found. I especially love your bear quilt! I do hope your grand daughter is doing well. There is nothing more worrisome than a sick child. Our weather is just unbearable, isn't it? It's only June! Thank heavens for air conditioning! Have a great week ahead! Elizabeth

B said...

I'm really sorry the trip got canceled. It makes total sense not to chance it but I'm sorry. :(

I am very happy however that you found a little bit of happy from your flowers from God. They made me happy just looking at them! :)

I hope your flowers and little house bring you some joy today!