Thursday, June 17, 2010

I need some advice

The first two pictures were from my adventure yesterday.  I had some time to kill while waiting on someone at the doctors (not me).  SO I drove to The Urban Farmhouse.  This store is in a tiny old town with nothing more than a bank, pharmacy and a police station.  The owner is the second owner.  Originally this store was called The White Cottage.  It was everything painted white, now there is some vintage thrown in.  I never buy much.  I was looking for something to go behind my couch (the picture of the print is there now).  I love this print.  You can't see because of the blur but it is a rodeo clown knelt down holding a hand of a little boy.  There are three children (prairie like clothing) and a Springer Spaniel)  This was a gift from my son and his wife.  Okay, back to the point......I bought these little dishes.  I'd ldike to put these under the print in a row.  What do you think? 
Also how do you hang these little puppies?
And one more Kodak Easy Share is stuck on internal memory.  I can't find my booklet.  It just keeps saying that the internal memory is full.  How do I switch it back to the memory card.  Geez........
Thanks for your help.   ((((HUGS))))


Sandy said...

I like your dishes, I usually use plate hangers to hang the few I have.
RE: Kodak - press Menu, scroll down with down arrow until you see "Image Storage" in upper right hand corner - press okay then the screen will say "Auto / Internal Memory" with the arrows move to top where Auto is - that should fix your problem..
my daughter showed me how to do this -

Cindy said...

Ditto to everything Sandy said. You can get plate hangers at any hobby store.

You can also glue plates to a painted board and hang the board under the can glue 2 ribbons to the back of the plates..bring the ribbon up and tie in a bow..nail a nail in the wall and hang bow on nail.

Thank you for doing the apron banner swap! There were NO comments yesterday..I was beginning to

Even if it is just us..we will have fun!!

hugs..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Vera @ Cozy Little Cabin said...

I really like the idea of the plates on a board. I need to make a sign for the guest room & intended to use sticky letters & plates - - - but it will be oh so much better on a board.

I love your finds!

Sherri B. said...

Looks like you have an answer on the camera. But if you need more info, I found you can go online and see manuals for most things, I would just Google Kodak and go from there. About the dishes, I thought you wanted help with placement so if that is what you would like also then here goes... If putting in a straight line under the picture I would try to get another plate close to the size of the largest one and put those on both ends and the others in the center that way both ends are anchored. Something else you might consider is lowering the picture a bit and put the group in a round pattern above the pic. to fool around with this you can cut out the shapes of plates from paper bags etc.. and use double stick tape (carefully) and see how you like the look. Good luck and please let us know how it turns out.

Beverly @ said...

Such cute plates. I like the line idea but I also love the scattered look. It would look cute to just hang them randomly around the painting. And I think a lot of people are using disc changers to hang plates - hangers that you can't see from the front. They stick onto the back. :)

B said...

I like the idea of hanging the plates with ribbon. These are going to look lovely next to your picture Debby. I think the blue in the plates is going to complement the blue in the mat on the frame beautifully. I hope you post and before and after! :)

pogonip said...

Your plates will look darling around your picture!

Rather than trial and error when I arrange my groupings, I trace my items and tape up the paper--take digital photos--and then decide what I like the best. Saves lots of nailholes!

Can't wait to see your final result :)

Sandy said...

Debby, thanks for posting on my blog - 2" is a really small plate - don't know how you'd hang it unless you try one of the new Command gadgets that says you "can hang anything".
I'm a secretary, oh ecuse me, now it's an Administrative Assistant -- at a college Police Academy. I really like my job and enjoy coming to work. I'm more fortunate than people that don't like their jobs - I feel as though the Lord placed me here until I retire, possiblt 2 years but more likely 5.

Sandy said...

As a secretary, you'd think I'd know how to spell "excuse" hahahahaaaa

Anonymous said...

Hi Debby, I saw somewhere back on another persons blog on a tip to hang plates. Put a big melted glob of hot glue on the back of a plate and put a paper clip in it to act as the hanger. I tried it and it works! It takes a few minutes for the glue to dry, but I hung 2 heavy plates in one of my bathrooms and I have had no problems. Saves $$ on the plate hangers!