Friday, January 29, 2016

Three things to make me smile

Excuse the poor lighting and the cords.  I am using my Kindle.  Three things that make me smile.  I have been in a funk.  Not feeling great but  no reason why.  I had blood work done but no results yet.  I'm not really sick.  Two days after that blood test my arm was hurting.  I rolled my sleeve and about three inches above the stick was a dark bruize and all between bruising.  The nurse today.  She think the vein blew.  Next time they will use a butterfly when they draw my blood.
That cute doll I just let love.  It came in a box with other dolls a couple auctions ago.  Every once in awhile you find a diamond in the rough.  More like, more than you bargained for.  Yesterday my new doll friend that I meant at an auction, showed me how to restring dolls.  As we took this doll apart she told me its history.  It was from Germany and probably 1930's.  The legs and arms were numbered and probably mass produced.  When they came to adding the body they improvised with  a cardboard type molded body.  It was between World War 1 and 2 and it was a very poor time.  I really love the history on some of these dolls.  I am keeping this girl for now.  She has some imperfections but who wouldnt in close to 100 years.
Today one ofmy favorite stores had an anniversary party.  This frame was a special.  I put the picture that the photographer took of us.  I had to justify paying for the picture, hah.  My fairy garden plants died so I picked up these two plants for the pots.  They arent real so  I wont kill them.
The weather is wacky.  It's cold, then its not.  Some sun and some cloudy days.  Very little snow here.
Have a great weekend.


Julia said...

I'm sorry you're not feeling well and I hope your blood test will tell you why you're not feeling well.

What good luck to fine an antique doll even if it has some minor imperfections. It's in good condition considering it's age.
You could have fooled me... I thought those plants were real. Cute little frame for your photo. I hope that the sun shine for you. It's been a very mild winter here which is unusual. Last winter I was freezing my butts.

Enjoy your weekend.

Betsy said...

Your little doll is very cute. 100 years is a long time for it to be in such good shape. Cute frame and little pots too. I'm ready to buy all fake plants myself. Mine aren't doing very well this winter.

I hope you get to feeling better and your blood work is perfectly fine. That bruising happens to me everytime they draw blood. I have huge bruise on both hand and arms right. Ow from lab work last week. No fun is it? I hope you have a great week.

Consider It All Joy said...

Some days are just funky! Your little doll is so very cute, what a treasure you found. I'm sure you'll enjoy her for some time. Love you photo! May you find cheer in the weekend and feel better! Blessings, Cindy

Miss Merry said...

Good luck on the blood work. I had a wacky lab result last summer and after 3 additional copays for more blood work, whatever was wrong fixed itself on its own That doll baby is a real sweetie!

NanaDiana said...

So sorry about your arm/vein, Debby. What a GREAT old doll. I just love her! I have a few -a couple from my childhood and others from gramma's and a friend.
I think it is this time of year-it puts a lot of people into a funk. Hope you are loving your new place. xo Diana

Connie said...

Your doll is adorable . . . very rare I would guess. You get some rest and get better. You are in my prayers. Connie :)

genie said...

Please do not worry. It is gonna come out OK. I always fall apart with worry, and then the report is fine. I bruise something awful and because of the bad balance from my back I stay bruised from hitting door, walls, and furniture...and they take ages to go away. Love you little goodies. Dolls are my love. I still have the heads of my baby dolls...the bodies rotted away but the heads are as sweet as they were when I was a little girl.Hang in there my friend. Take it easy and TRY not to worry.

vivian said...

oh.. I hate those funky days.. I got there once in a great while myself. but I usually cant stand to be there for only a few hours and then I find something to make myself feel better.. you know.. cookies, cupcakes, pies... and crafts! lol!
love ya Deb, I hope youre feeling your self again soon.
by the way... that black baby doll?????? LOVE HER!
wishing you a happy day my friend!

Rue said...

I hope you feel better soon!


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