Monday, December 7, 2015

Good morning

 First of all, Happy Birthday Quinn Americo .  It wouldn't be Quinny without a fish, turtle, snake or frog in his hands.  Grammy and Grampy sent you a camo fishing chair. 
The skies on the way home at dusk last night.  Taken from a moving car and through the window.  The blue was so blue.  The clouds were pink.  So beautiful.
We went to church yesterday.  We were taking care of the babies.  Then for lunch with our friends.  So nice to be able to have keep our minds busy until next week-end.
We love our friend's wolf Jack.  Yes, he is a wolf.  99.9 %.  His coat changes colors from year to year.  He is a beautiful white this year. He doesn't look that big in this picture but he is massive.  Do you notice that he is missing his front leg.  He lost that before he was a year old.  Something happened on his property and he was badly injured.  He is very shy and very vocal.  It looks like Jurasic Park at their home.  The fencing around their property is a piece of art.
I am hoping that the business of Christmas isn't getting to you.  It seems like the first and second week of December can be overwhelming.   When your kids are little and you are working at home or an office, there is lots to do.  As I get older I find I don't stress as much.  Life happens whether it is Christmas or not.  What gets done gets done.  What doesn't who would even know.  Enjoy this time as you prepare for the holiday.  Do something fun that is out of your norm.  For instance, last night a friend and I went to see Charlie Brown's movie.  She is 20 years younger than me but we went to college together.....early this movie was right up our alley.  It was a last minute decision but a good one.  Take time to breathe.


Kathy said...

You are so right about not stressing out for Christmas. I tend to stress a lot. But this year I also said what gets done, gets done. I am cleaning the house and it will be clean whether I get the tree up or not. I do have to get some gifts, though. But I think I will do that online.

Susie said...

Debby, Happy birthday to Quinn. I loved your sky shots. Some times even the usual things we would do during Christmas season have to be just set aside for getting thru everyday in peace. We make ourselves nuts. LOL. Enjoy your holiday time with friends and family and come the winter months you will have time to put away and get the house like you want it. Blessings to you sweet Debby. xoxo,Susie

Consider It All Joy said...

Happy Monday, Debby! Love the poochy, I bet he's big and loud, but so pretty! Happy Birthday to Quinn! Many blessings for the day and season! Cindy xoxo

Gina said...

I do stress about Christmas! I need to calm myself down. lol

Oh my goodness, I've never known anyone to have a wolf as a pet. That's amazing!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love seeing some photos of your new home! And the movie sounds like one I would enjoy! Happy holidays sweet friend. Hugs, Diane

Julia said...

I'm trying not to stress about Christmas and plan to cut the expenses way down this year. I just started decorating today. Haven't done any shopping or baking. Taking it a day at a time.

A wolf as a pet sound unique but a wolf with only three legs sound even more unique.... It's good that they have the property fenced.

Stay safe and healthy.

E said...

Awww little Quinn is so cute ! A wolf holy cow that would be interesting, love their howl. Christmas is a challenge for me, much has changed, many are gone, its an every year time of sadness for me Crafting has been much more than crafting for me :) Now that you are moved, and settled
wondering if you are still mini making? There is a very active group in Columbus/Newark area are you aware of them? If interested can send you info let me know. XO E

Mereknits said...

Quinn is adorable! Love that he loves nature so much. That wold is mailing!
Hugs to you Deb,