Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tornado Warning

The skies are rotating all over my area.  There seem to be several and we seem to be in the middle.  This is really weird.  Waiting on the village to call us with a warning.  The sky is weird yellow color and you can hear thunder.  The Grammy in me wants to get in the car and get M and M.  I leave in less than an hour to pick them up from school.  I wonder if they will be in their shelters when pick I get there.  
  I remember one day when I was watching my neighbor's little girl so she could volunteer at the school.  The village went into tornado warning and she couldn't get home.  I was to leave for the after school program that I was co-director of but couldn't go.  That spring it seemed we were in the halls of the school so many times from the warnings.  The bad part was once we calmed the little ones down here would come their parents all freaking out.  If they stayed or took their child they left the others scared again.  Geezzzz, that would probably be me if I took off right now. 
 If not only the little kids, Little Rudy, M and M's puppy is alone and in a room at the top of a hill with a window.  Yikes.  Had I known. he would have come home with me.  After I drop Mabel off at pre-school, I come home for the time she is there.  This gives me some time with my doggies.
Here is Sweet Mabel at the garden center.  I went there yesterday to get some Deer Scram.  I saw this bench.  I told the guy that I wanted it but couldn't justify spending the money on it.    I took the picture for Brenda of Cozy Little House.  It just looks likes her.  Oh, I so want this bench. 
An update Hubby's burns.  A week ago the fingers looked white and bruised.  Then they went to big blisters.  The last picture was a a couple days ago.  The white is blisters that keep seeping.  He is wearing antibiotic band aides during the day and nothing at night.   That is no band aides at night.   But all in all, no infection that we know of and the swelling is a lot better.  Beware of paper shredders.
Yesterday I planted a couple more fairy gardens for Cozy Blanket and a teeny one for my friend and one for my DIL.  I took pictures and will share on the next post.  I am still tweaking.

I have some prayer request.  One for Baby O.'s step grandmother.  ( remember her grandmother had been my best friend when she died at age 50, her husband remarried)  She is in a coma from aneurysm surgery.  This can't happen again.  My friend died on May 20th, 10 year ago.
Also Little Ben, one of the three surrogate grandchildren I post about here.  He is having some issues with his intestines and they aren't sure what's going on and whether or not to put him through testing that he will have to be sedated for.  He just turned 4.
I also know a blogger friend that is dear to me that is struggling with health issues of a family member.
I don't need to be depressing today but I do believe this blogging world has the power of prayers.
Okay it is 2:36 and the worst is to hit here at 3:00.  That's when I leave to pick up Mabel.  What to do, what to do.  Hang on Rudy, I will be there soon.  Hope these storms don't collide.  I will post an update later.
Stay safe in the storms.
My daughter had more than a foot of snow on her birthday and Mothers Day.......near the Denver area.
H U G S.


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Keeping everyone in my prayers and praying for your safety today. I believe in the power of prayer.

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Stay safe!

NanaDiana said...

OH- I hate those tornado warnings. We are so fortunate that this city has never had a direct hit. A blessing being as we are in the midwest. Safe travel for you and the kids today.

I will pray for all of those you mentioned. My dad also died on May 20th. I hope you have a good rest of the day and that the weather calms down- xo Diana

Susie said...

Debby, You got back to Ohio just in time....hope no storms there. But you may have had to shovel snow in Colorado. I will pray for all your friends. God loves us to care for one another. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Laura Adams said...

Hello Debby,
I just read your post....I hope everything is well...I will keep you all in my prayers.

Cozy Little House said...

Oh, I've never seen a polka dotted bench! Thanks so much for taking a pic for me to see. Stay safe now!

Marissa said...

Debby, keeping everyone in my prayers
Stay safe and such a cute bench go for it buy it.

Marissa said...

Debby, keeping everyone in my prayers
Stay safe and such a cute bench go for it buy it.

Marissa said...
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Marissa said...

Oops I'm using my iPad sorry

pogonip said...

Sending good wishes for everyone's safety. Seems like this winter/spring has been very "interesting"!

Julia said...

Oh my goodness Debby, you do need prayers. So much is going on around you and I'm running late on commenting. I sure hope that all is well by now and that everyone is safe and that there's no damage to your property.
Blessings, prayers and hugs.