Monday, February 11, 2013

Love is in the air/Dancing with wolves/Goodies

I bought this Mollie Makes magazine over the week-end.  With the magazine you got 8 free Dotty Red photo cards from her Granny Chic book.  Awesome GOODIES.  I am looking for the pattern of a hamster in a ball from the Christmas Mollie magazine.  Does anyone have that.I hang some of my HEARTS from my country chandy in my dining/living room.  They look so festive floating around.  (My keyboard is giving me fits....or blogger, so things are out of order.)

Warning, lots of randon pictures.  Doodle and her daddy going to their Hawaiian Father and daughter DANCE.  I get to watch these guys as Doodle's mom is in charge of putting the dance together.  So cute and so busy.  The oldest one, 2, loves to watch UTube videos on how to make brownies and Cake pops and Obama getting sworn in.  (His Dad is a Republican, hah)  I got to spend the night.  On the way home I took this picture for BRENDA.  She had her hoop art published in the new Broadway and Thresher online magazine from Granville, Ohio, where I live.
Sunday we were invited to a friends for dinner.  This is their wolf/dog.  They went to Canada that used to breed these dogs.  Only a few were bred.  His name is Captain Jack.  He has very little dog in him.  Isn' he beautiful.  He is very shy.  He wanted to come see my husband but just couldn't do it.  Do you notice anythig different about him.
I got a Kindle Fire HD for Christmas.  They sold my hubby the case for the wrong size.  I was taking it back anyway because it was $60, way too much.  I ordered a case from Amazon.  It came, didn't fit and it was only a top, cover, one side.  I needed something to put it in to carry it.  I got this larger cosmetic bag for Christmas (31 Gifts).  It has a zippered side and has padding.  The Kindle fits in the zippered side.  I can put the cord and charger in the other side.  It works great.  I sure don't need it for makeup.
If there are errors, I'm sorry.  I am afraid to correct with the keyboard acting all crazy.  I think I covered all things in the title.  Hoping all my friends on the East Coast are okay and getting their power back on.  That was lot of snow.  Love snow but also love being warm.  Hope you are all well.
Have a good week.


Kimberly said...

Captain Jack is a beautiful dog. Love the daddy/daughter dance pictures.

A Vintage Fairy said...

You have some adorable grand babies! Captain jack is a big wolf dog!! He's so handsome!

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Debby,
How beautiful Captain Jack is. How fun to have a kindle there are so many books you can order to read. What a fun father and daughter dance those are the times your grand-daughter will cherish.
Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

Julia said...

The poor dog only has three legs but looks to manage quite well. What's the story on him aside that he came from Canada. Our Canadian dogs usually have four legs....

Valentine is soon approaching but I never decorate for Valentine. Just Christmas, Easter and Halloween. It will soon be time to put the hearts away. I can't even have chocolate for Valentine, sigh. I bought a handful of little hearts candies for last Valentine and I still have some left, lol..

Your little grandchildren are beautiful. Love the Hawaiian outfits.

Hugs, JB

Anonymous said...

what a handsome dog, beautiful photos!The little costumes are so cute!

Susie said...

Love all the photos. Thos eboys are so cute. That dog is interesting. Love all the pretty hearts you have now. xoxo,Susie

Loretta Thomas said...

Very nice always take such nice ones. I love all your hearts. Your grand's are so cute!
My Mom once owned a canine the image of Captain Jack. He was a faithful campanion up to the time he was mistaken for a killer-wolf that was killing animals, etc., in the community. Such a tragic loss because we had him from birth. Your Captain Jack reminds me of him. Thanks for sharing...I enjoyed this post. All the best.

Loretta xoxox

Jane said...

Well, I looked but didn't notice that he has only 3 legs!!! How does he balance so nicely?
Lovely hearts! I am really enjoying my hearts from your swap too!Jane

Ellie VanCaster said...

Captain Jack is a stunner for sure.
So sweet for the father/daughter dance and what fun you got to have doing boy sitting.

must love junk said...

Such a cute picture of the boys! And sweet father/ daughter pic!

gin said...

nice pictures of your lovely family. I see that Captain Jack only has 3 legs, that's sad, but I am sure he does just fine. He is beautiful.

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Captain Jack is beautiful. He does look very wolfy. I guess the wolf is what makes him so shy.

Marissa said...

What a sweet dog!! And how fun to have a father daughter dance! She will always remember that day!! Very smart daddy for being Republican!!! hugs!!

Little Susie Home Maker said...

Oh Miss Debby! Looks like I have missed so much! I love the heart swap you had, it looks like it was a super fun one! I noticed that the wolf/dog is missing a front leg. I pray that your DIL and grand daughter all are doing better.

Elizabeth Andrus said...

Hi Debby! I've got your pattern in an envelope just waiting your address. I know the one I have is not right because the state says OR. Not sure if it's my handwriting .... Don't want to send it to the wrong Debby!
Oh my gosh, I thought that really was a wolf! Whew!
Wishing you a lovely Valentine's Day! Elizabeth

Edna B said...

Your family is just beautiful. The boys look like they will keep you quite busy keeping up with them.

I love the photo of the dog, Captain Jack. Many years ago, I had a beautiful little black toy poodle, who ended up with only three legs because of an accident. She was just so precious, and managed to get around pretty good.

Happy Valentines Day, hugs, Edna B.