Wednesday, February 2, 2011

14 Days of Love and some other things

This was my birthday gift from my cousin that is now ill in Florida. Her home is in Ohio. She isn't worse but still not better. Hoping for some good news soon. The surgical procedure did not help the doctors decide what is wrong. Thank you for praying for Jo and please keep her in your prayers. I thought this bear could be my day one of my 14 DAYS OF LOVE. I saw this on another post. I didn't see a linky thingie, and anyways I always seem to mess that up when I try.
Anyway this bear's apron says "The heart is the center of great things."
I found another snowperson. Excuse the bike. The little boy that built this snowman is always on this bike. Can you see the little snowman to the right of the big one. He has grapes for eyes, so I was told.
It is cold here. We still have heat after a bad ice storm and high winds. So many are having really bad weather and cold temps this week.
No school for two days BUT my program is still open.......enough said.
Mr. Cozy Blanket fell on the ice in our driveway last night. Only a week out from his surgery on his knee. Yes, he did hurt his leg. He is going to the surgeon tomorrow. I felt so bad for him. I put down 50 pounds of salt to make a path for him tonight to use.


Anonymous said...

I like the 14 Days of Love....something we should all do!

Sorry about your husband (I sent you an email). But 50#'s of de-icer outta help the driveway.

Great snowman....the birds will LOVE his eyes!

Stay safe...

The Bear's Blog said...

So sorry to hear of Mr. CB's tumble. Husbands - ya just gotta love 'em and pray they won't kill themselves being "the man of the house". Sometimes I bite my tongue until I thinks it's going to either fall out or bleed. (o: And I know I am not alone....

Jo and hubby are in my prayers.


Being a "bear" person I know for a fact that "hugging your teddy bear" really helps. (o:

Does Jo have a teddy bear at the hospital?

Polly said...

Oh Debby I hope your husband is ok! That is too bad. Darn weather!!



Kim-A Creative Spirit said...

Didn't we have some crazy weather the last couple days??? Glad the worst didn't hit us. Prayers up for your cousin and your hubby....

Nan said...

Oh that hurts I'm sure. I wonder if you have ice cleats? We sure use them here as we have lots of ice.

Anonymous said...

Debby I am so sorry to hear that your hubby fell, I sure hope his leg will be okay and he did not hurt himself at all.

That little bear is precious, it looks like it could be a Boyd's bear. I am a big fan of Boyd's bears. I just love teddy bears period. lol

Keeping you both in my prayers. Hugs

Heather said...

Oh my goodness, you have been having a rough time of it lately. I'll be thinking of you.