Saturday, January 22, 2011

Little heart gifts

A few little things that I have been working on. I found this little remnant of this sweet cherry fabric and made a few flower pins. So nice to have on hand for little gifts. Except, I used them all up and had to make more.

I am in a "Smalls Swap". You were to send 13 small items that would fit in a cupcake paper liner to the host (Tabitha). She in return would send you back 13 different items. I have no idea what will come back to me. It sounded like fun. I had some pink and white bottle crafting caps. I cut out these little people from a vintage sheet of Valentines. I then used a form of Diamond Glaze to coat them. As you can see in the photo, it took forever for them to dry. I wasn't super crazy about the coat but hope they make the grade. (Anyone know of another product that works better for this?) You were to send a little tag /card. (The first photo) You didn't have to make things. Suggestions were ribbons, buttons, and the like. I can't wait to see what she sends back.
Today, I got out of the house. The last two week-ends I didn't budge. The first week-end, I needed to rest. Last week-end, plans changed and I really didn't have a need to go out. But, today I had some fun. In the morning I had a Thirty One Connect meeting. The new catalog has so many really neat things. From there I went to
Archivers. I wanted to sign up for a class . The timing wouldn't work with my job BUT they said I could start late on the class that was already going on. So I did. From there I went to another city to get my hair cut. I hadn't been there since July. I had a cheap quick trim somewhere else one time. Then I went to two other scrapbook stores. One had 40% off everything and the other was closing and had 60% off. I didn't spend much money but got some needed things for upcoming projects. I should have gone to the grocery but I'll do that another day. We aren't starving yet. It was super cold here today.

Another totally unrelated note......Do you read Nie Nie. On a post yesterday she had a link that you could go to and hear where she spoke at a seminar. I clicked on the link and ended up watching the video of the entire speech. She fought back tears the entire time. She talked about the accident and how this has affected her beauty. There were several scriptures in her speech that helped her through this difficult time. Let me just say, if you have the time, listen to hear speech. I was in tears. She so amazes me. Her strength, wonderful husband, cute children, and her life. I just thought I would encourage you to listen. She certainly moved me yesterday.
With that said........I hope you find some time in your week-end for just "YOU".
Stay warm, it is freezing here.


La said...

I sounds like you were a very busy lady today. I was out for a bit. I went to a couple of stores and then back home. I'm going to put on my jammies and go to bed now.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

I always enjoy coming by here to check on you honey.
these turned out so cute. You really did good.
I will have to go by and listen to the video your talking about. I think I know who you are talking about and she is an inspiration to us all
Love ya

Daydream Living said...

Hi Debby,
I love your bottle caps,very creative! And Piper is so cute!
Enjoy the rest of the Sunday,

Donna said...

Hi Debby, Sorry I haven't been by lately. Once school started back up, and college for my senior,'s got pretty crazy around my house.

I went to spend the weekend with my mom last week and we visited some antique shops. I saw some bottle caps decorated in a similar style to yours. That's the first time I ever saw the before. Yours are gorgeous! So cute!!

Have a great week, Debby!


Polly said...

Those are soooo cute Debby!!!! Valentine's is a fun holiday to craft for!!

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Debby,
Oh my goodness--you have your creativity groove on and these turned out SOOO awesome!!! It's so nice to meet you--and guess what--I am already a follower--how perfect!!! Thank you so much for visiting.

Michele said...

I had to come see your pins and your valentine thingys! Co cute! Have a great weekend!